Ranking grocery store sushi rolls

What grocery store has the best to-go sushi rolls?

Sushi is a food that many love, however you may not always have the time or money to go out to a restaurant. I’ve noticed to-go sushi rolls in a few grocery stores these days, and thought I’d test them out and see which store is making the best rolls. I went to Whole Foods Market (Springhouse), Trader Joe’s (North Wales), Wegmans (North Wales), and Giant (North Wales). I considered many factors, and after eating a roll from each store, I ranked them 4th to 1st.

4. Trader Joe’s

Roll I tried: Spicy California Roll

Price: $3.49 (8 pieces)

Selection: Trader Joe’s had the worst selection out of all the stores, with only 5 different rolls (3 of which being variations of the California Roll).

Review of sushi: First of all, I would not even call this a California roll as it only contained spicy crab meat and was lacking avocado and cucumber. The only thing this roll had going for it was the crab meat, which was spicy and there was a good amount. The rice had an odd consistency and was very sweet, and there was way too much rice for the roll. This was the lowest price out of everywhere I went, but the quality was low, I didn’t even finish the roll.


3. Giant

Roll I tried: The container came with 3 rolls: Tuna, Shrimp, and Salmon all with spicy sauce

Price: $7.50 (12 pieces)

Selection: Giant’s selection, though better than Trader Joe’s, was still small and had many large packs with multiple different kinds of rolls, which is not what I was looking for.

Review of sushi: Each roll had cucumber, avocado, and spicy sauce, but 4 had tuna, 4 had shrimp, and 4 had salmon. I was pretty impressed with Giant’s sushi, all of the ingredients were really tasty. These pieces seemed to hold together the best out of all the stores. Giant’s price was reasonable, the rolls were good, they really only lost points for lack of selection.




2. Wegmans

Roll I tried: California Roll

Price: $5.99 (8 pieces)

Selection: Wegmans had the best selection out of every store, it was very well organized by raw and cooked rolls. Many of their rolls were also available in brown rice or quinoa.

Review of sushi: A California Roll is pretty basic, but still very tasty. Wegmans sushi is flavorful and fresh, however the pieces fell apart as soon as you picked them up. Besides that, the quality of the sushi was just as good as Giant, but Wegmans beat them over with their extensive selection.



1. Whole Foods Market

Roll I tried: Spicy Shrimp Avocado Roll

Price: $9.99 (8 pieces)

Selection: Whole Foods had the second largest selection after Wegmans, with many different roll choices and sashimi choices.



Review of sushi: The Whole Foods roll, though the most expensive, had the best taste and was probably closest to what you would get at a restaurant. It may have been my choice of roll, but it tasted very fresh and the spicy sauces on top and the rice were perfect, making the Whole Foods roll my #1 pick.

Overall, I had good experiences at the stores. If you can’t make it to a restaurant and you happen to be at the grocery store, you can’t go wrong with a sushi roll from Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, or Giant.