Meghan Coulton carries passions to Eastern University

Meghan Coulton is continuing her academic and soccer career to Eastern University.

TOWAMENCIN- Since freshman year, Meghan Coulton has thrived on the soccer field and on the track at North Penn. Her senior year is coming to a close, but Coulton’s future remains bright. There is still more after her walk on graduation day with a blue cap and gown.

For three seasons out of the year Coulton spends her time at numerous soccer practices, games, and track meets. Her passion for soccer began at the young age of four, and has not stopped.

“I loved playing a sport at North Penn. I have made so many new friends from soccer and track. I just love having the opportunity after school to just kind of take your mind off something if I’m stressed out. I love just being able to go to a sport and work, take all of that [stress] out and being with my friends while doing it,” explained Coulton.

Coulton also began to run track in fourth grade and continued track throughout middle school and high school. Both track and soccer are Coulton’s passions, but she decided to continue soccer in college. Coulton is committed to playing D3 at Eastern University after graduation in June.

“I am going to study psychology there. I really like working with kids, so when I am done with my psychology degree, I probably want to get a masters degree, maybe working with child psychology,” said Coulton about her future plans at Eastern University.

Marissa Werner
Coulton has been running on the track team since her freshmen year.

Coulton’s devotion to working with kids is deeply rooted in her past experiences and her family.

“My mom is a teacher, so she is always talking about things that are going on in the classroom. My mom’s side of the family is very involved in the Boys and Girls Club, so last summer I got a job working summer camp. That is when I really found a love for working with kids,” explained Coulton.

Coulton volunteers often at the Boys and Girls club in Ambler. In between soccer season in the fall, winter track season, and spring track season, Coulton returns to the Boys and Girls Club and helps with the homework program. Coulton is there to help kids with homework and projects.

“I love having that connection with the kids because some of them are not getting that at home. So I think it’s awesome that there is a place for them to feel safe, hang out with their friends, and do their homework,” described Coulton about her time at the Boys and Girls Club.

Enrolling at Eastern University this fall will be the beginning of a new chapter in Coulton’s life. She has already met her teammates from the soccer team, and the connection to the school was instant.

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Meghan Coulton and her parents at NPGS Senior Night.

“I had the opportunity to talk with the head of psychology [at Eastern]. I had a phone call with her and I just really loved how the conversation went. It just seemed like a place that was really going to match me academically. I knew I wanted to go to a smaller school… and I loved the campus,” said Coulton.

Coulton credits her success to the many opportunities North Penn has provided and to her family, who have supported her throughout her life.

“Take advantage of all the things North Penn has to offer. I think I have met so many new people and had so many fun experiences just putting myself out there doing clubs and sports,” added Coulton.

One of Coulton’s favorite memories from this school year was the girls soccer senior night. Having her name called with her friends and family cheering was a memory Coulton will never forget. That night will stay with Coulton forever as she begins a new journey of her life in college.