Top 10 most frustrating board games


Brandi Marlin

A stack of Brandi Marlin’s most frustrating board games.

The holidays of November and December often brings family together to make new memories. Playing board games with family is a tradition for some during the holiday, so to help with the hard choice of what game to play, here are the most frustrating games to try to avoid.

1. Monopoly: The name of the game makes anyone cry on the spot, just like when playing the actual game. Monopoly consists of ridiculous rules and a frustrating board that often leads to a clear front runner early on. By the end of the game, five hours later, many friendships are strained and the only person that is happy is the winner.

2. Chess: A game completely reliant on the strategies of the players, frustration can arise just as the game is beginning. Important pieces can be taken on the second move and create a catch up game for the player who lost that piece. Full brain power is needed to not lose right away and must be sustained throughout the whole game; however, by the end of the game both players are exhausted and need a nap.

3. Jok-r-ummy: The first card game in this list is one that can cause many arguments and tears. Your game card could be two straights and one three of a kind, but if you get the wrong cards there is no way you will be able to accomplish a simple task. It takes 7 finished game cards to win, which can take at least an hour, an hour of high emotions.

4. Battleship: Although very fun, this game makes this list for the people who can never find their opponents ships while their own are destroyed. The building frustration of hearing “miss” and saying “hit” drives many people to not even finish the game. Not only is the actual game frustrating but so is the actual board. The little white and red pieces often fall out of their spots, leaving players to guess where it actually was. Overall, playing this game is only a fun experience to those who want to aimlessly pick spots and hope that they hit a ship.

5. War: Using a deck of cards, one person will win this game simply by luck. There is no strategy besides hoping that your card is higher than your opponents. Then, if you are on the losing side, you get to slowly see your cards twindle away into the other person’s hand. It is a slow demise for those who lose, which only adds to the anger and frustration this game creates.

6. Operation: Living in many children’s nightmares is the loud beeping noise when they hit the metal while trying to get a piece out of the Operation Man. The pieces are impossible with tiny edges that the tweezers cannot pick up no matter at what angle you try. Speaking of the tweezers, those are so tiny that they are hard to handle as is. A surgeon is the only one who can win at this game.

7. Scrabble: A game that also requires a lot of brain power, especially when the letters that you have make no obvious words. Then, if not being able to make words is hard enough the game can take an incredible amount of time. This means that the only people who will voluntarily play this game are smart and have the time to sit in front of little letters for hours.

8. Candyland: The game that teaches little kids how to take turns and lose gracefully is also a game of all luck. There is no type of strategy that can be used to get anyone to win, which is the most frustrating part. Although it is very colorful, the game evokes many colorful emotions.

9. Chutes and Ladders: Another child’s game that teaches patience and humility that is based entirely on luck. One bad roll and you land on a slide that takes you all the way to the bottom of the board and ruins your chance of winning the game. Children have a reason to cry when they lose this long game, but adults don’t though they may want to.

10. Game of Life: Lasting as long as an actual lifespan, this game is easy and fun for many, except those that go bankrupt. Game of Life requires a lot of money in order to be successful or win. The part that is enjoyed the most out of the game is the rainbow spinner that you get to spin every turn.