Jerome twins find connection on the field


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Liv and Aidan supporting each other at their North Penn soccer games.

TOWAMENCINFor twins Liv and Aidan Jerome, a birthday is not the only thing the two of them share. The Jeromes also share a love for the game of soccer, as they are both captains of the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams here at North Penn High School.

From kids, to their senior year, the Jeromes have always played soccer together. The sport of soccer has always been a shared interest between the twins.

Liv stated, “We have always played soccer together since were five. We did rec soccer together, then we did middle school soccer together which was the same team, and now we are here at the high school together,”.

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The Jerome twins on the same soccer team when they were little.

The Jeromes have played soccer since they were five years old. Having two older brothers that played soccer, made it an easy decision for the Jerome twins to try out the sport.

“Both of our brothers played soccer, and I always used to love watching soccer as a kid,” stated Aidan on what made him start playing soccer.

Liv explained, “We would always play soccer in our backyard. When our brothers played, we would always go to watch their games and be the ball boy or girl, or have a pass with our dad while watching,”.

Growing up with a twin can be difficult due to always having your sibling around, especially when you play the same sport. For the Jeromes, growing up as a twin was a blessing. Having one another around most of the time gave each of them a comforting feeling. The Jeromes liked knowing that they had one another close by if they needed anything.

“I don’t like doing things alone, so I always have someone there. Like the first day of high school I had someone to walk in with. I like always have someone I know around,” explained Liv.

As a twin, the Jeromes have always been by each other’s side. Constantly having each other around, has caused the Jeromes to influence each other’s lives tremendously.

“I like always knowing I have someone to talk to and help me out whenever I need it,” said Aidan.

As a twin, the Jeromes have motivated each other to do better. Being involved in the same sport and classes, has created a drive between the Jeromes that has pushed them to become better students and athletes.

Live explained, “Aidan is really smart in school, so I always try to keep up with him,”.

Not only have the Jeromes influenced each other, but the sport of soccer has as well. Playing soccer their whole life has made an impact on the Jeromes social lives. Even though soccer, has changed many aspects of their lives, the Jeromes both find the impact positive.

“You get to meet a lot of people. Your also always busy since it is year around,” stated Aidan on how his life changed from soccer.

Liv explained, “I love it because all of my best friends are on the team, so I get to be with them every day. I also love watching the boys team because they are all my best friends too and cheering on my brother,”.

As Liv said, both of the soccer teams are close with each other. Many of the girls and boys have grown up playing together on the same teams. With the players on both teams being close with one another, it had made it a lot easier for the Jeromes to uphold their job of captains.

Even though the Jeromes feel as if their job as captains could be harder, they still have responsibilities to keep up with.

“Getting people organized and getting the water and pennies together for practice. Also, you have to motivate the team to not take anything easy and to go 110%,” explained Aidan.

Not only does being a captain of a team here at North Penn include you teaching others, but it also includes learning yourself. As a captain, you learn what it takes to be a leader.

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Aunt Liv and Uncle Aidan with their niece Carson.

When asked about what he has learned as a captain, Aidan stated, “Setting an example for others is important. Other people follow me because I am a captain. They see what I do and try to shape themselves from what I am doing,”.

Besides the big responsibilities of being captains, the Jeromes also have the task of keeping up with their school work. Playing a school sport with practice every day can be demanding, then adding school work on top of that can be stressful, but the Jeromes find their balance.

“Night games are the hardest, especially when the game is far away because your gone the whole day. It is not that bad though. You know you have to keep your grades up in order to keep playing, so that motivates you to get all your work done,” said Liv on how she manages her grades.

As the Jeromes time in high school winds down, they both look onto continuing their academics.

Liv will be attending Delaware Valley University next fall. She will continue to play soccer but also study zoology, due to her never-ending love for animals.

Aidan is still unsure of what school he will be attending next fall. As of now he is interested in a business major at either Penn State or Temple.

Even though the Jeromes will be attending different schools for the first time next year, they both know that they can always count on each other no matter what.