Former Marching Knight Morgan Murphy marches her way through Pitt


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Morgan (far right) is thriving after high school in her junior year at Pitt.

Morgan Murphy, graduate of the North Penn class of 2015, is now thriving in her junior year at the University of Pittsburgh. She was a Marching Knight for all three years of her career at the high school, and she now channels that dedicated spirit into her passion for nursing. College has opened a multitude doors for her and she advises that all students at North Penn High School to make the most of every opportunity offered at North Penn.

What is your favorite part about college?

“I think my favorite part of college is going through life with my friends and also simply becoming the person I’m meant to be. My friends and I probably cry together as much as we laugh together, but through it all we are always there for each other. College has overall stretched the limits of my comfort zone a lot! I’ve felt stretched academically, emotionally, spiritually, and so on. And even though sometimes it feels too hard, I guess it’s one of my favorite parts because you come out on the other side thinking ‘wow, a month ago I couldn’t have done that!’ For example, in my nursing clinic, I’ve had a hard time giving reports in the morning. But the other day I finally did it! And I love that; I love that college brings those moments and brings out the potential you didn’t know was in you.”

What do you miss most about North Penn?

“I miss the school spirit of North Penn the most! I miss things like playing with the band during football games and the little traditions we would have in the stands. I miss inside jokes from practices, rehearsals, classes, and just lots of fun memories! I’m laughing thinking about them now. North Penn had passion in everything they did and that’s not always common. I really miss being part of such a passionate place.”

What advice do you give to high schoolers?

“First, high school is hard and high schoolers definitely don’t get enough credit for all they do – so be proud of yourself! Second, I’m not sure what advice I have off the bat, but I know what I would do differently if I could go back, so I’ll start with that. I wish I had participated more in class and gotten to know my peers better. Often, I let fear of what people would think of me hold me back from sharing my thoughts in class or asking a question or even just getting to know people. So, I guess my advice is don’t let fear hold you back from taking opportunities! Try to think about “what if this turns out awesome?!” instead of “what if this ends up bad”, and go for it. And even if things don’t go how you planned, there is still so much you can learn and unexpected good that can come from it! Take time to show you care about your peers, a small ‘how are you today’ can go a long way for everyone.”