Shannon Darcy getting NP fans fired up


Allie Valovage

NPHS Senior Shannon Darcy at a recent NP football game

TOWAMENCIN – From making the student section loud and excited at North Penn football games, to teaching middle school French classes, cheer captain Shannon Darcy has spirit in everything she does. Leading the North Penn cheer squad is just the start of this senior’s involvement and activeness.

Darcy has had a passion for cheer since middle school.

“I started cheering when I was in 7th grade at Pennfield…I just really like the atmosphere of it and how excited everyone is to see the cheerleaders come out and get the crowd excited,” Darcy reflected.

As a captain, Darcy wants the team to learn a lot, and she is emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

“This year in general we are trying to make our stunts better. And this year more than other years we’ve been more like bonded as a team… We’re a lot better because of the friendships we made together,” Darcy explained.

In addition to cheer, Darcy has been dancing for the past thirteen years. This year she is student teaching at Jane Lopoten School of Dance, which reveals another one of her interests: teaching.

Not only does she teach dance, Darcy also helps teach French classes at Pennfield Middle School as a part of North Penn’s career study.

There is certainly little down time for Darcy, who also works two jobs. However, she has always loved being busy.

“Ever since I was little I’ve had this like active energy where I always need to be doing something. Being involved in all this stuff… and having to be busy in general motivates me,” Darcy explained.

She plans to keep this energy after high school and stay involved at either Villanova, Lasalle, or West Chester University.

”I definitely want to try out for cheer or dance in college. And I’m thinking about also doing a club sport…I wanna stay as active as I was in high school.”

Looking back on her high school experience, Darcy is content and advises other students to get involved.

“I think everyone should join [a school activity] because it really helps you make friends at the high school and be more courageous and get out there. It makes your whole high school experience a fun time,” Darcy stated.