Knapp time for North Penn’s Mr. Stefan Muller


Gabby Corrado

MULLING OVER HIS NEW SCHOOL: Mr. Stefan Muller ease into his new position as principal at Knapp Elementary School

TOWAMENCIN- For Mr. Stefan Muller, the high school environment is a familiar one for him. But after three years of being the assistant principal for the North Penn Class of 2019, Muller finds himself taking on a new experience this year as the new principal at Knapp Elementary School.

Before becoming principal at Knapp, he had jobs at three other high schools: Upper Moreland, Downingtown West, and North Penn. As much as he loved working around different high schools for the past 14 years, he thought it was time to try something fresh while staying within the district.

“I was dealing with the same issues almost every year. This job opportunity at Knapp presented itself to me, and I thought it would be a new challenge. I love working within the community,” said Muller.

With this new occupation, he has realized how different it is to be the ringleader of Knapp Elementary versus the principal’s right-hand man at North Penn High School. Since he is now working with a younger age group, he has had to learn how to communicate with children, rather than young adults.

Though this is a huge transition for him, Muller still seeks to use the same enthusiasm at he had at North Penn High School. With a smile always on his face and positive energy, he goes from classroom to classroom, hoping it will radiate onto the students and staff.

“I’m a pretty enthusiastic guy,” expressed Muller. “I give out 300 high fives a day!”

Muller feels strongly about building bonds within the elementary school. He believes that becoming interactive with the student body and using enthusiastic energy will make everyone look forward to coming to school everyday.

For the future, he would like to plan school events such as picnics, science nights, and family fun nights. In fact, he has already carried out a first day of school picnic at Knapp. His main goal was for everyone to get to know him as their new principal and ease the stress of going back to school, not just for the students, but for everyone. These type of events will enable students, parents, and even teachers to become more involved and build climate and culture the Knapp community.

“There’s a lot of different people here and I want them to feel connected and build a sense of trust. I want to make Knapp better everyday,” said Muller.