Ms. Christina Childs, a new face in the math department


Angela Tessitore

Ms. Christina Childs sits at her desk, preparing to teach her third period Algebra 2 class.

TOWAMENCIN- Ms. Christina Childs may appear as a new face among the North Penn High School math department, but for her, North Penn is a familiar home that has welcomed her family in the past with open arms. Childs is simply carrying on the family tradition of setting her foot in the doors of North Penn.

“I really wanted [to work] at North Penn because I heard really good things about the district as a whole. My mom went here and my uncle did as well. My grandfather actually taught here and he was the principal years ago…He talked so highly of this school and I just wanted to be here,” said Childs

Childs first began her journey at North Penn High School when she became a student teacher in 2016. Afterwards, she taught summer school and eventually got a job teaching math between Pennfield and Pennbrook Middle Schools. Childs now teaches Geometry and Algebra 2 at the high school level.

“The first time I noticed I wanted to become a teacher was probably as early as eighth grade…In ninth grade, I had two really good math teachers and some of my friends were struggling in my class, and they [asked me] to help…I was able to get them to understand it,” reflected Childs.

After high school, Childs attended Bloomsburg University, where she studied education. Throughout college she changed her major six times varying from chemistry to mid-level math.

“Something deep down in me knew that I’d always wanted to [teach] and if I didn’t do it, I knew I would look back one day and say why didn’t I do something that I knew I wanted to do for so long.”

Childs stands by the belief that creating a safe and lively environment for students to participate in is the most beneficial way to help students learn math to the best of their ability.

“My goal is when kids walk into my class, they have the mindset that Ms. Childs is super energetic, the class isn’t that bad, we have fun, and she allows us to work together. I want the atmosphere to be a lot of collaboration…I want to foster that idea of cooperative learning,” explained Childs

Childs spends most of her time outside of school earning her Masters of Education at Gwynedd Mercy University in an online accelerated program. The program focuses on advancing knowledge in different areas of education that include politics, technology, and inclusiveness in the classroom.  When she is not completing her degree, Childs enjoys going to the gym and teaching dance classes. Childs also hopes to become more involved in the multitude of opportunities that North Penn High School has to offer

“I am doing assistant dance team coach this year. I would love to be class advisor at some point and follow a sophomore class until their senior year when they graduate.”

Childs is excited to continue her journey at the high school in a field she’s deeply passionate about.