Philly sports fans: the best or the worst?

Philadelphia Eagles mascot


Philadelphia Eagles mascot “Swoop” reacts with the fans behind him in front of the the Philadelphia Museum of Art after a Super Bowl victory parade for the Philadelphia Eagles football team, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018, in Philadelphia. The Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl 52. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Jillian Phillips, Staff Writer

It has been just one week after the Eagle’s Super Bowl victory and spirits are still high in Philadelphia. Climbing anonymous objects and raiding the streets are just some of the typical things Philadelphia sports fans are known to do after a win, giving them the award for being the worst fans in the country.

While there has been some ruthless shouting and outbreaks with opposing teams, it is ironic that Philadelphia is the only city that is ever called out. It is almost as if America has forgotten that there are in fact other sports fans that are just as bad, if not worse, than those in Philadelphia. Among all sports, baseball games tend to bring out the most rowdiness in fans. While Phillies fans can get a little out of hand at times, they ultimately are passionate and respectful of their own team. The LA Dodgers fans are unmistakably one of the worst for this very reason.

This past September the Dodgers were playing a home game, but unfortunately it was their 13th loss of the season out of 14 games. Pitcher Pedro Baez was booed by his own so-called “fans” as he warmed up to pitch for the sixth inning. It shocks me that Phillies fans are still considered awful, even after an incident like this. Phillies fans encourage and support their home team. Fans that are not as supportive and are rude like the Dodgers fans deserve to be titled the worst fans.

This is a frustrating and unfair accusation for Philadelphia. After all, the definition of a fan is a supporter, someone who is enthusiastic. Why is a fan base such as the LA Dodgers, who booed their own team, considered a fan base? Why is it that Philly fans are continuously prosecuted for their passion? Why aren’t the fake fans being prosecuted for their unsupportive nature and lack of encouragement?

Not every victory in Philadelphia is chaotic and dangerous. At the Eagles Super Bowl Parade, an old aged man named Dennis sparked massive attention after another parade goer posted his encounter with him on Facebook. Dennis is pictured carrying his wife’s urn, simply because she was a “die-hard Eagles fan”. An officer that noticed the man went up to him and gave him a beverage, telling him it was from other men that saw him from across the street as well. This small, simple gesture resonates deeply within the hearts of millions on social media.

I could not be more proud to see all of the underdog masks and green get up this past week. I am proud of the fact that even in a time where it feels like our country is a mess,  we are able to come together over a victory. The unity in Philadelphia when it comes to sports is something remarkable, something that a lot of cities lack. Even if you’re a fan of another football team, or don’t pay attention to sports, you still cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s your city, your pride, your passion, all in one.