LC takes home the turkey in 3rd Thanksgiving day alumni game

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TOWAMENCIN- Thanksgiving is a big day for football fans around America. Here in the North Penn area, before any NFL games come on TV, the must see game is the annual Alumni Football game. This is the third year the alumni association has put together a football game between the rivals North Penn and Lansdale Catholic. The Crusaders were able to add to their winning streak, winning again for the third year in a row against the Knights 47-38.

“I think it’s great that the alumni association finds ways to bring alumni back and get them involved in North Penn activities. The football game is a great way for us to reconnect with some old friends and have an opportunity to play against some old rivals. I have played in all three games, and I think it’s a great game. It’s so nice to be able to play in the stadium. The competition is always good and we are just trying to win one this year,” said Bill Bowen from  North Penn class of 1989.  

In the first quarter, the players were from classes up to 1989 on the field. North Penn started with the ball, but were not able to do much with it. After an interception by the Crusaders, followed by a trick play by Michael Kuhn, the Crusaders led the Knights 12-0 at the end of the first quarter.

For me, it’s a lot of fun to see guys who are older than me, who I use to watch when I was younger, and to see guys who are younger than me, who I cheered on as a graduate”

— Michael Kuhn

“I really enjoy it. For me, it’s a lot of fun to see guys who are older than me, who I use to watch when I was younger, and to see guys who are younger than me, who I cheered on as a graduate. I think it’s great because I have friends on both sides of the ball, so I love that I get to see them, and we have a good time. This is my third year and I plan to keep coming back,” said Michael Kuhn from Lansdale Catholic class of 1989.

Next to enter the game were players from classes 1989-99 for the second quarter. The Crusaders got another touchdown earlier in the quarter to give them a 19 point lead on the Knights. With 48 seconds left in the half, the Knights finally got on the board by Bill Smith scoring a touchdown.

“This being put together is awesome. It’s so good to connect with old friends and relive the old days. It’s just great for everybody to come together. Even being able to hang out with the LC guys is just a lot of fun. We’ve had three great seasons with great weather and it’s just great to be able to hang out with everybody. I think competition is in all of our bloods and that’s why we are out here. The rivalry never goes away,” said Kenrick Smith from North Penn class of 1998.

For the third quarter, players from classes of 2000-2009 came onto the field. The Knights were able to get another touchdown, but the Crusaders did a good job getting one back every time. The third quarter ended with the crusaders still in the lead.

The game was not just for alumni to come back and play football, but alumni cheerleaders and band members also came back for the event. Current cheerleaders led the alumni in some newer cheers, and alumni led current cheerleaders in cheers from the past. Current and former band members came together under the direction of Ted Heller to play not only the national anthem, but also the pep band songs.   

I’m from the class of 1965. We had the largest class at the time with a class of 500, and that was a record. ”

— Shirley Hamme

“This event is fun and brings back a lot of memories. I’m from the class of 1965. We had the largest class at the time with a class of 500, and that was a record. Marching band was directed by Carl Thompson, he was the first band director of the high school. We were more unsophisticated at the time, but we had a lot of fun and had some of the best musicians. For Bux-mont band, North Penn brought more musicians than any other district. It’s really fun to come back and relive the memories. The music is different. Back in the 60’s when you were in the band, they only chose a few for the pep band at the games. I was in both that and the concert band, but it’s fun to be back and play that type of music again. I started out looking at my music, but I said ‘nah it’s nothing but two or three notes, as long as I know the key.’ I think learning an instrument and being part of the band is something really special,” said Shirley Hamme, alumni clarinet player from North Penn.    

Although North Penn has changed over the years, athletes, cheerleaders, band members and community members had a great time coming together, reliving some of their most memorable experiences, and being able to play against old rivals.  

“I’ve played all three years and it’s great to come back and be a part of the tradition here. On Thanksgiving it’s great to run into old friends, friends that used to go to LC, and of course ones that went to North Penn. It’s great to reform that comradery of all the guys on the football field and have one last go at it on the day of Thanksgiving,” said Iran Frazier from North Penn class of 1995.

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