Jake Loburak, NPTV’s man behind the curtain


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Jake Loburak talks with CBS3 reporter Pat Gallen on a special live segment about the North Penn Knights.

The world is full of unsung heroes. You never hear about the speech writers for politicians or the athletic trainers for professional athletes. North Penn is no exception. Our school has a multitude of students and staff members that work behind the scenes to make North Penn one of the highest achieving schools in Pennsylvania. A member of the North Penn Television crew, Jake Loburak, the man behind the curtain, has brought a noteworthy presence to all members of the North Penn High School community through his work in North Penn Television.

When people think about the face of NPTV, many people think of the anchors of the morning show, but Jake has been a part of the inner workings for years and is a large part of why NPTV runs smoothly. Jake Loburak’s love for Philadelphia sports broadcasting originally brought his attention to North Penn Television, which he has been a part of for the past three years.

It all started when Jake was in middle school. Jake’s love for Comcast Sportsnet as a child led him to ask Penndale Television advisor Ted Heller if he could be the sports reporter during his freshman year. After auditioning for the spot and getting it, Jake was blown away by the exciting world of broadcasting. After that year, Heller recommended to Jake that he take the broadcasting course at the high school.

“I took the class. I loved it. And now here I am, still loving and enjoying it,” said Jake.

I took the class. I loved it. And now here I am, still loving and enjoying it

— Jake Loburak

Now in his senior year, Jake could not be happier with his role in NPTV Career Study. Jake is able to announce sporting events, direct and edit segments, operate cameras, and put together videos with more attention than in years past.

Over the years, Jake has learned a lot and gained a close to professional experience. One lesson that he has learned actually happened while announcing a game.

“After what I saw as a hit to the head, I made some remarks about the referees. Nothing bad, just that I thought it was a non-call. Since then, I have never said a thing about a referee on air, just because it is not very professional. That is something I’ve learned for sure, don’t contradict the ref’s call,” said Jake.

Much of what Jake has learned has been from his time in Career Study and the opportunities that are presented to him through the program. His time spent learning at the KYW radio station, covering the NFL draft, and hearing guest speakers, have allowed him to grow into a well seasoned high school broadcaster.

“I think North Penn Television has given a lot of good opportunities and really has shown the students and the club members how much work you need to put in and how much reward you will get out of it,” explained Loburak.

During periods five through eight you can find Jake working diligently in the studio as a part of his Career Study. Jake also works almost every night of the week by filming school events or commentating on sports games.

“To spend three hours of my day working on something that I want to have a career in is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I could not be more thankful for my wonderful advisors that gave me such a head start in this career path,” said Jake.

While Jake is not sure where he will be attending college, he plans to study communications wherever he ends up. He wants to get as much out of the experience as he can by seizing every chance that comes his way. After school, Jake aspires to work with a news corporation to establish himself in the field.

After years of helping to keep NPTV running smoothly, Jake Loburak has a simple message for other young ambitious student broadcasters: “Don’t talk about it. Fix it.” When things go wrong, do not panic, simply get to work.

Keep an eye out for Loburak in the credits.