Warm Weather Ushers in 2012 Spring Sports Season


Senior Jason Conaway works on his shot put form at a practice on a recent warm, early spring afternoon

The Knight Crier

TOWAMENCIN – With temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and high school spring sports being a hot topic for duiscussion, one might assume the discussions are about the playoffs. But with this year’s unseasonably warm weather, the discussions are centering around the season’s outlooks, not their outcomes.

Most spring sports seasons at North Penn begin with teams jockeying for gym time, and working around scattered cars in the S parking lot, whlie navigating wind chills and melting snow. 2012, however,  has brought a welcome warm, dry spring and the North Penn spring teams are about to begin their 2012 schedules in weather normally associated with late May.

No doubt, spring athletes and coaches have been taking full advantage of the conditions to prepare for the season ahead.

Knight Crier sports editor Branden Toro has compiled capsules on all of North Penn’s spring teams, and those previews are now available in the Knight Crier sports section.