A Tale of Two Schmidties – English Teacher’s Allegiance To Be Divided on Saturday


Mrs. Megan Schmidt shows her allegiance to her students and her family as both prepare for Saturday's PIAA Eastern Final

Luke Barker, Staff Writer

TOWAMENCIN – As a North Penn English teacher married to a La Salle assistant coach, Mrs. Megan Schmidt finds herself the plate spinner performing for a progressively anxious audience  – supporting her school, North Penn, with her right hand, and her husband and his school, La Salle, with her left. With this Saturday’s game deciding which team will be heading to Hershey next week, Mrs. Schmidt realizes that one plate is bound to fall.

Mrs. Schmidt teaches eleventh grade English here at North Penn. Her husband, Kevin Schmidt, coaches the La Salle linebackers.

“I feel torn depending on where I am in my day,” she says. She shows the utmost support of her students and players while she is at school. But when she gets home, her support goes to her husband. “I see really all the evidence of the work that goes into the season.”

Although she shows support for North Penn, Mrs. Schmidt still gets a fair bit of teasing from her students and co-workers (although mostly her co-workers, as she is quick to point out). This is not helped by the fact that, although she does not wear her hat, she happily wears her La Salle fleece to school. Luckily, she finds that the joking that ensues just makes her situation better, more fun.

When asked about last year’s game, Mrs. Schmidt admits that it was tough. She made sure to get a baby sitter so she could be there at the game. “I was on the fifty yard line and it was emotional because there was never a clear cut leader during that game.” She says it was great to see the pure joy of the La Salle team, but at the same time it was draining to see her North Penn players and students heart-broken.

This year, Mrs. Schmidt expects to see an amazing game. Compared to the beginning of the season, both teams have come far. She believes that each team has improved and says both have their strengths and weaknesses, so it is going to be another close one.

“I always feel for the team that has to go home after this game because of how long the season is,” she says. “They start… in August, so it’s a good half-year they invest.”

When asked who she’s rooting for, Mrs. Schmidt dedicated herself to both teams. “For different reasons, I’m rooting for both sides, but  – it’s really important to have a happy home.”