Here Come the Men in Blue

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Here Come the Men in Blue

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenberger

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenberger

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenberger

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenberger

Lauren Mayer, Editor in Chief

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TOWAMENCIN – You’ve seen them around–the two energetic enigmas encased in spandex–but how well do you know the mysterious “Men in Blue” who’ve made their place in the stands of almost every North Penn football game this season?

Lucky for you,The Knight Crier has caught up with these aqua aficionados to find out just what it’s like to be caught up in the frenzy of North Penn fanfare.

Bashful as they are blue, one of the Blue Men had just this to say to my questions about their alleged fame at the football games: “Well, we really aren’t famous. But I guess it’s a fun time… I guess.”

“One day I was wondering how good I would look in blue spandex, so I bought a suit,” the same Blue Man said about the idea’s humble beginnings.

Has the masquerade held up? How many people actually know the true identities of the Blue Men?

“Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows who I am. Everyone really thinks I am this “Andrew” kid, but I have no idea who they are talking about,” said a mystified Blue Man about rumors of his revealed identity.

Contrary to his covert counterpart, the second Blue Man responded with a very definitive “like fifteen [people].”

While fans seem to enjoy watching these nutty navy antics, their reactions are the best part for the Blue Men.

“I don’t really know [what the best part of the football games are.] I can’t see any of the game because it is too dark,” said one of the Blue Men. “But it’s fun to creep-out students and excite the crowd.

The other Blue Man agreed, responding with a simple “reactions of the fans.”

It’s not easy being blue, but the Blue Men promise to try and attend even more of the upcoming sporting events: “I plan to [attend sports besides football] but I don’t think I will be allowed into events that are inside the school.”

“I will try to make it to the games that I can, but I have a very busy schedule,” he continued.

So, what’s the reasoning behind these sapphire shenanigans?

“Our school should have more school spirit,” said one of the Blue Men. “We have some, but for the amount of students that we have, it’s bad. North Penn is a great school. We have great sport teams, amazing clubs, and outstanding teachers. All the students should be proud to be a Knight or a Maiden.”

And there you have it, North Penn. Learn from these crazy cobalt characters.

Instead of walking a mile in their shoes, let’s walk a mile in their blue spandex suits, so we can all figure out exactly what it’s like to see the world in North Penn blue.

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