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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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Fashion Frenzy: Five Students Five Outfits

Awa Harris
Five North Penn students pictured wearing their most stylish outfits.

North Penn high school, although being a place for students to learn, is a place where students are given the liberty to express themselves without judgment. The most common medium of expression being… FASHION!

Fashion is the perfect outlet for students to express themselves. Expression through fashion varies from person to person. Through interviews, one can take a look into how students find ways to make their ‘fit the perfect fit for them.

North Penn student, Valana Gillian, pictured wearing an abstract green sweater along with black cargo sweatpants and black UGG slippers (Awa Harris)

“I kind of just woke up and the only thing that I was thinking about was being comfortable but I didn’t want to look completely bummy. I felt like I needed to add a little bit of color.” Valana Gillian stated.

Through Gillian’s bright smile her excitement and passion about clothing is visible to all.

“I feel like I don’t specifically dress based off of somebody. My vibe is more comfortable but I like to add more spirit into it. I like to be more ethereal!” Gillian explained while making notice of the crystal necklace she wears around her neck.

 “My aesthetic is…. probably skater girl or earthy.” Gillian defined adding that her outfit is moreso on the earthy side today.

“I know this is so bad but I don’t like Dunks. I don’t like them. I feel like if you’re gonna wear them they have to be higher!” Gillian expressed when speaking on fashion trends she does not like.

North Penn Student, Victoria Miller, pictured rocking a striped sweater dress along with leggings and black converse shoes. (Awa Harris)

“I wanted to do something fancy but also comfortable. I felt like the dress was nice, like a little spark of… I don’t want to say professionalism but it’s a little bit over the top. I feel like the hoodie brings it back down to  ‘I’m still in high school’, you know what I mean?” Victoria Miller explained about her outfit of the day.

Miller professed she grabs style inspiration from both her family and the internet.

“This is actually not usually my style. Usually my style is inspired by ‘The Dro’. He is a musician and he’s very like mall goth. I feel like my mom is my biggest inspiration when it comes to clothing.” Miller stated.

“My aesthetic depends on the day. Recently I’ve been looking alot into trad goth. I have not been dressing that way but I’ve been listening to a lot of goth music. It’s been affecting little pieces of my outfit but not my entire outfit as a whole. If I had to pick one aesthetic though I would probably choose mall goth or just alternative.” Miller spoke.

“I love hair bumps. There were like these headbands that you used to be able to get that were like a headband but were also bumped up and you would put them in your hair and give you a little bit of a bump. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved that!” Miller exclaimed, referring to the popular hair tools seen during the 2000’s being worn by stars like Snooki from the hit reality TV show, Jersey Shore.

North Penn Senior, Tom Schepian, was captured wearing a brown Nike hoodie with a white t-shirt underneath, green baggy carpenter jeans, and white/blue New Balance sneakers. (Awa Harris)

Tom Schepian takes an admirable approach to fashion combining comfortability with color coordination which can be seen through his earth toned outfit.

“I like wearing jeans and wearing these comfortable oversized hoodies. I think it matches.” Schepian explained

Schepian speaks to his occasional inspiration source mentioning the popular app Pinterest.

“If I’m being completely honest I get it from different sources, Pinterest can be a good one.” Schepian reasoned

He also speaks on wether or not he would define himself as having an aesthetic

“I don’t think I have an aesthetic because I wear different stuff every day.” Schepian commented

Schepian along with having style has many takes on style as well.

“I hate people wearing pajamas and uggs to school. I think it’s musty and gross!”  Schepian truthfully joked.

North Penn Senior, Leilany Paz, seen wearing a comfy blue and green cardigan, simple white tank top, and light blue flared jeans, along with the newly popular UGG slippers. (Awa Harris)

“It’s really cold outside today. I wanted an outfit that was cute but also really cozy. I also have work today so I needed a cute work ‘fit!” Leilany Paz explained through laughter.

Paz thinks about her source of outfit inspiration.

 “Probably from Pinterest I make all my fashion boards on there. I just have a lot of inspo on there from different people.” Paz said.

“My aesthetic is more cozy. I like fall vibes; sweaters, UGGs, and things like that. I love that type of fashion!” Paz exclaimed.

Paz had lots to say on the topic of fashion do’s and don’ts

“One that I hate are probably those big airpod boots! I don’t know why they were ever made, they are horrible!” Paz claimed referring to the newly popular ‘Astro Boy’ boots.

“One that I love is the new trend where you crop sweaters so they are off the shoulder. I think those are really cute.” Paz ended.

North Penn Senior, John Rively, pictured above rocking classic punk liberty spikes in his hair along with wearing a vintage shirt and oversized jeans. (Awa Harris)

“I got these DC’s because I skate and they’re comfortable. I also have these big jeans on they’re like a 50 by 40 and they’re comfortable. I just like how they look. I have this Canadian armed forces shirt that I thrifted. I also have Liberty Spikes on cause they’re fire.” John Rively explained giving a breakdown on every aspect of his outfit.

Rively depicts his fashion inspiration stating he gets it from everywhere.

“I get inspiration from a lot of places. In general just from things I see and what others are wearing or just people I hang out with.” Rively confessed.

Rively also ponders on what his fashion aesthetic would be categorized as.

“I don’t really have one I would say somewhere between like…” His friend next to him in the cafeteria loudly whispers, “GRUNGE!” 

“Yeah Y2k or grunge.” Rively decided, pointing towards 2000’s fashion and the alternative rock genres of fashion.

Along with a big fashion sense Riveley also has big takes on what fashion trends he loves and those he hates.

“I love the Ushanka Hats and I HATE skinny jeans. I can’t stand them!” Rively concluded.

All around North Penn High school the freedom of expression is found. From the student created murals lining the walls to the student created fashions modeled around the halls, North Penn maintains a state of creative diversity that is inspiring to all.

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