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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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North Penn’s ICA Garba: A Night of Diversity, Dance, and Delight

Submitted Photo
ICA Members with Dr. Carlin at Garba Night.

TOWAMENCIN – Crowds of vivid colors and roaring music filled the gymnasium on Friday night.   

North Penn High School’s Indian Cultural Association annual Garba took place on October 13th. Garba is a traditional Indian dance originating from the Indian state of Gujrat. It is performed during Naravti, a Hindu festival. Garba dances typically involve dancing in a circular motion, swaying their hands. Throughout the night, the dancing speeds up and moves in a faster fashion. 

This year, Garba had over 400 people, including many adults and community members, as well as North Penn’s own students. 

“Garba is a beautiful event; this time it was all about diversity; last year was more about culture; this year we got a huge variety of people like Mr. Hassler and Dr. Carlin; we had people of all cultures come, which was amazing for us. We even got the security guards to try out Indian food; it’s moments like this that show how influential culture and diversity are at this school,” Treasurer Aaditya Ramesh said.

Garba prices were also lowered by 50% this year. New food options were also on the table, as ICA hopes to expand their choices. 

“We lowered the prices, and it used to be $10; now it’s $5. This allowed so many more people to attend. We were also able to lower food prices,” Ramesh explained. “All the food was donated by the community; it just shows how amazing the North Penn community is even outside of school with such kind people to back local cultural events like this.”

As Garba sets its place at North Penn in stone, it has a long way to go before it is on par with other high schools Garba, such as Bensalem High School, where over 800 people attended their Garba. Wissahickon High School recently followed in North Penn ICA’s footsteps last year, creating their own Garba and fostering Indian culture in their own community. 

“I think Garba has always expanded on whatever it was last year; something we have to work on is decoration, but despite that, a lot of people came out, and I think we just need to focus on more advertising in the future,” explained Aaditya. “We couldn’t have done this without our wonderful team and the help of our advisors, Ms. Sydea Mirza and Ms. Paramita Sinha,” Ramesh said.

“It was a tremendous turnout, and everyone was working hard; we planned for the month,” advisor Ms. Sydea Mirza said. “Parents, teachers, and even district administration came out. It was a big deal to see [Director of Equity, Dr. Hart] in there. They were wearing our traditional clothing; it makes me more happy to see them respect our culture on Garba Night,” explained Adviser Mrs. Sydea Mirza. 

Picture from Garba night of boys in a traditional Indian clothing, a Kurta. (Shreeya Patel)

As this year’s Garba lingers as a major success, ICA is not done for the year as Republic Night, a night filled with dancing, food, and a showcase of all things Indian culture, is soon to come. 

“Republic Night has nearly a thousand people; it’s always so chaotic, but in a good way because everyone is hyping everyone up. The food is amazing—more than Garba.” Ramesh proclaimed.

North Penn High School’s Indian Cultural Association will be hosting Republic Night on January 26th.

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