Inglewood Timberwolves take on basketball madness tournament


An event full of passing, assists, and buzzer-beaters. The annual Inglewood basketball madness tournament turned out to be a slam dunk.

“I am obsessed with the sport of basketball! As a Physical Education teacher, I thought it would be cool to help my students also fall in love with the game. I decided to organize this tournament to try and give my students an opportunity to experience the game on a large level in front of their families and fellow student-athletes,” Mr. Anthony Foresto stated.

As this was the fourth annual tournament, it took months in advance to plan and organize the event to make it as successful as it could be. With a basketball unit in gym class prior to the tournament, the lessons prepared the elementary students to understand the game and enhance their performance level. Extra practices were also held before and after school so that the students had as much time to get as many touches on the ball as possible.

“It has been really fun because I’ve had a lot of people supporting me, I’ve seen my mom in the crowd, and my teammate Danny has been there and has made things awesome,” participant, Austin Lorah, expressed.

The students got a glance of what it was like to play in an environment that is big and scary: the middle school. In previous years, the tournament was held at Inglewood elementary school but Pennfield middle school provided a larger and more useful space that made the games run more smoothly.

“The best part of this event is seeing the players in action. After weeks of practice, they can finally play in front of their families and friends. I enjoy their smiles and excitement when they make a shot. Also, their disappointment when they miss, only to continue the pursuit of playing hard to win and score. I love their passion and perseverance when on the court. This is easily my favorite part of the tournament,” Foresto explained.

As athlete, Jose Daniel Salan Tecun, makes a free throw in a shoot-off, the excitement on his face was only a small addition to the number of memorable moments that were made that night.

“I was just really excited and proud of myself after I hit that shot,” Tecun said.

The room was filled with smiles and trophies with the result of the basketball madness tournament. Win or lose, each player took part in a night they’d never forget.