North Penn shines it’s Colors of Pride through its annual assembly


Kate Miller

Members of The AAAC gather together on stage after a successful preformance.

Do you know what an HBCU is? How about this history of traditional African fashion? Last Thursday, North Penn High School’s African American Awareness Club highlighted many amazing acts such as poem readings, student-choreographed dance routines, and a fashion show highlighting important cultural clothing pieces from different parts of each culture.

North Penn’s annual “Colors of Pride” assembly, hosted by students and staff that took place in the AAAC, has been a tradition honored at the high school for over a decade. Last year students performed their show virtually and this year were delighted to see thousands of smiling students return to the auditorium to watch in awe.

“This assembly has been going on for well over ten years, starting super small and now has become incredibly big with dozens of students participating,” Yordanos Lemma, Vice President of AAAC, said.

Similar to other cultural awareness clubs at North Penn, The AAAC’s goal was to provide students with a sense of belonging and inform them about different aspects of their school that they may not be aware of. The AAAC came together as a student-led organization and showed how they are contributing to the goal of informing students and staff on African American culture and history.

“Colors of pride is essential for staff and students to recognize because this is a 100% student-led assembly which is something no other group is doing at North Penn. Colors of pride show the pride that black Americans have in our culture and history, which is something that should be showcased to all of our students,” Lemma explained.

All students who go to North Penn are invited to attend The AAAC meetings. Students will have the ability to learn about different aspects of African American culture, and also make memories and friends that will never be forgotten.

“I wanted to be around other people I could relate to and people who understood my ideas and thoughts. AAAC is a safe space for black students in North Penn which is why I wanted to be involved,” Lemma emphasized. “I’ve met some of my closest friends through AAAC and I am forever thankful for that. AAAC is by far one of my favorite clubs that I am a part of. The assembly came out perfectly, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

The effort that both staff and student members have put into the Colors of pride performance this year is unmatched. The club as a whole has been preparing for this event since November but prepared more frequently leading up to the date of the show.

“Mr. Mostert, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Frey, and Mr. Gross were incredibly helpful to make this possible and successful. Aryanna Edwards’ mother choreographed our step routine, which turned out beautiful, Paige Oliver choreographed the majorette routine which also turned out beautiful,” Lemma said. “All the students involved in the skit, fashion show, art, and interviews were also amazing and I want to thank every AAAC member for making this possible.”