2023 Prom Season


Submitted photo

Nikki Sajja, stands showing off her dazzling senior prom dress while the variety of dresses at Country Bride and Gent sits behind her.

Glitter and glam decorate the buzz between junior and senior girls here at North Penn …prom dress season is looming upon us. 

Even though senior prom is on May 13th and junior prom is on March 25rd, senior girls are already out and about trying to find their perfect dress before the juniors snatch them up. Most girls choose to do simple for junior prom and then go bigger for senior prom; others go all out for both with very eye-catching dresses.

Looking at the prom accounts on Instagram (@npseniorprom23 & @npjuniorprom23) it is easy to see there are some trends developing this year. There are many surrounding places that most girls choose to shop at, such as Country Bride And Gent, Formals XO, and Golden Asp, that offer similar styles and designers but have wide varieties. Country Bride and Gent Employee, Katie Tarlo, commented on what trends and popular designers she is seeing get sold this year. 

“Normally our Jovani’s, Sherri Hills, and Jessica Angels are pretty popular, but this year one of our private designers, Sarah Rose, has been really popular as well…strapless and form-fitting has been really popular this year. Along with either really dark blues/blacks, reds, light purple, and hot pink/magenta. I’ve also been seeing a lot of sparkles and sequins. And surprisingly, feathers are big too,” Tarlo stated. 

These dresses for practically one night use can be deteriorating to the wallet with dresses up to $700, $800, and even higher. Most girls tend to stay in the range of $300 to $500 which can get you a gorgeous dress. For those who want to keep under that range, online stores like Lulu’s and Lucy in the Sky offer simple and darling dresses for less costly prices. 

Although the process of finding a worthy dress for one’s taste can be stressful, most stores offer consultations to help with any questions and help make that final decision. Golden Asp and Formals XO require appointments but Country Bride does not. Tarlo shared what it’s like helping girls find their perfect dress and how their employees try to make it as unchallenging as possible. 

“We try to make it as easy and stress-free as we can, but every girl is different. Some girls come in knowing exactly what they want and are very decisive. Other girls come in not really knowing what they are looking for and have a harder time picking something, but that’s perfectly fine. Most girls aren’t sure what they want, but that’s why we have everyone one-on-one with consultants. That way the customer can work with girls their age that they can relate to and it makes looking a little easier. The prom stylist they work with can also help them pick dresses off the prom racks as they figure out what kind of style they like. But everyone has a unique experience, but we work out the hardest to make it enjoyable and fun for everyone!!” Tarlo voiced.