Knight’s Next Quest – Connor Greenfield


1. What schools did you apply to?

Pennsylvania Western University and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.


2. What school did you commit to, and why?

I decided to go with PennWest because of its stronger focus on animation. Kutztown offered an equally strong selection of art programs, but it was PennWest’s larger emphasis on studio art, plus their dedicated series of buildings, that had me choose it over Kutz.


3. What are your academic/career aspirations?

Right now I’m currently focused on building a strong portfolio, both to help with my academics and to increase my chances of finding work outside of uni. I’m most likely going to work freelance outside of university, so this helps with that also.


4. What are you most excited for next year?

Independence, and the ability to work and live outside on my own. I’m also excited to see the social environment in the arts portion of my school, too.


5. What is your favorite North Penn memory?

The Scholastic Book Fairs held every year at A.M. Kulp. We had those alongside Olympic Day/ Field Day.