It’s the season of giving all-year round in Girl Up


Nikki Sajja

Girl Up cabinet smiling proudly with dozens of donations

Do you love to support women? Well, lucky for you, we know the perfect place: Girl Up. This club focuses on empowering girls all over the world, supporting all kinds of charities, and having a good time while doing it. 

In this week’s meeting, Girl Up focused on assembling Giving Tree Kits that will be donated to the homeless over the holidays. There were 2 different types of kits: clothing and food. The clothing kits consisted of gloves, hats, and socks, while the food kits were made up of snacks like granola bars and crackers. 

Along with packing the kits, members also colored pictures on the gift bags and wrote positive and uplifting messages, such as “you are a gift to the world” and “you are important.” 

An array of snacks was provided as well as some lively karaoke to add to the energy of the meeting. “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys were specific highlights of the karaoke experience, with many members putting on a performance. 

When asked about this club and its’ environment, Samiha Alam, president of Girl Up, had nothing but kind words to say. 

“I think Girl Up is like a small, little family. Even though male students are obviously welcomed, our club is composed primarily of women, so we all really understand each other. Our meetings are always laid back. Making these kits while coloring & singing karaoke was a fun way to destress while also helping to give back to those in need,” Alam said. 

Although Girl Up may just be another ordinary after-school club for some, it has become a close community for others. With a mixture of volunteer work and entertainment, this club provides a positive atmosphere for students, especially girls, to be a part of.