Tradition carries on so “Tots can Eat”


Kate Miller

HELPING HANDS- Vice Presidents Sacchi Sainnath and Michelle Schwartz counting cans for Thespian Troupe #5464’s “Trick or Treat so Tots can Eat.”

Are you looking to change your community but need help figuring out where to start? North Penn Thespian Troupe #5464 is here to help with their annual food can drive, “Trick or Treat so Tots can Eat.”

The Vice President of North Penn’s Thespian Troupe, Saachi Sainath, explained the purpose of the food drive and how it benefits members of the local community.

“The goal is to collect as much non-perishable food as possible for Manna on Main Street and get the whole school involved in this community service initiative,” Sainath explained.

Helping the community can look a little different for everyone; it may appear overwhelming if students need help figuring out how to go about it or where they should start. North Penn’s Thespian Troupe helps prove to students that a bit of help from students can go a long way and that it isn’t as complicated as it may appear.

“Students are a large part of our community, and it is so important that we give back. Thespians rely on our community to support our activities, so we owe it to that community to support them back,” Sainath said.

To help members in your community at Manna on Main street, the Thespian Troupe is looking for donations of canned goods and boxes of non-perishable foods. Each knight time at North Penn High School has been provided with a brown bag to put donations into. All cans and other contributions will be collected by November 4th, 2022, and they will be counted by Thespian Troupe members.

“Food is measured in the amount of pounds collected by each Knight Time class. The top three Knight Time’s with the highest weights collected will win prizes,” Sainath remarked.