Fun and games with Korean American Culture Society

TOWAMENCIN – Laughter warms the senior cafeteria from the cold rain outside. Kids scramble into positions commonly found on a pirate ship. Instead of feasting on sea biscuits and liquor, the crew munches on rice balls and Yakult. This bunch may be pirates today, but by next month, they could be world-class ice skaters or award-winning movie stars. Nothing is out of reach for the members of the Korean American Cultural Society. 

Korean American Cultural Society, or KACS, is a club at North Penn High School designed to spread Korean culture throughout the North Penn area. Josh Kim, vice president of KACS, helps to plan and lead events to share his culture.

“Basically what we’re trying to do is introduce Korean culture into our local communities, so we’re starting here at North Penn,” said Kim.

Last Friday was the club’s first meeting of the year. KACS meets monthly with members participating in an activity picked by the club’s officers. 

“Having a lesson planned like a lecture can get boring, especially because our members have just sat through school. Instead, we get people involved in games and activities that involve Korean culture,” President Emily Shin said. 

Emily Shin, president of Korean American Cultural Society, has been involved in the club since her sophomore year. Her brothers were involved in the club, one of them being the vice president his senior year. She became president after serving as secretary in her junior year. Shin is excited to share her culture with her club in fun ways.

“Movie night is always really enjoyable, Korean film has been super popular. We went to the ice skating rink as a group unofficially last year. We’ve become a community. A lot of people joined KACS this year. So many people have become interested in Korean culture which makes me super happy,” said Shin. 

Interest in the Korean American Cultural Society has spiked this year with over 150 people signing up at the activity fair. This month’s meeting had every member frolicking and laughing as they participated in this month’s activity. At the end of the year, KACS meets for a barbeque at the park. Meetings encourage you to make new friends, and with 50 people attending the first meeting, you’re sure to find someone to hang around. The club has created an accepting community to make students feel welcome. Become a member today by signing up through the 5-Star Students App and coming to the next month’s meeting! Check out KACS’s Instagram @nphskoreanclub for information about future meetings and events.