NHS: A place for high-achieving students to shine

Proud parents watch as their students join the ranks of NHS at a previous induction ceremony.

Proud parents watch as their students join the ranks of NHS at a previous induction ceremony.

The time to apply for the National Honors Society is rapidly approaching. With applications due on the 30th, there is a lot to know and little time left. To begin with, there are a few requirements to qualify for this fantastic opportunity.

Minimum requirements:

  • At least a 5.0 weighted GPA or a 4.0 unweighted GPA
  • Involvement in at least 2 school activities
  • 20 community service hours
  • Ongoing commitment to leadership for an extended period of time
  • No record of cheating, plagiarism, intentional dishonesty, violating school rules, or civil offenses in the community
  • Verification is mandatory for all school activities, leadership, and community service hours. An information sheet must be filled out with the information of what you did, the name of your advisor/supervisor, and their signature. Make sure all information sheets are in PDF form and shareable with all. Applications will be voided if any documents do not meet these requirements.

With college applications coming up, it would be a great addition to any student’s resume. 

“Being a member of NHS serves as a recognition of various impressive aspects of a student’s character,” NHS President Haley Meade stated .

 “It will be seen how involved a student is within the school, giving colleges a way to perceive a student for much more than just their grades, GPA, and test scores,” Meade said. 

Colleges are very much aware of the demanding requirements students face when applying to NHS, so being accepted into the program is a testament to all students’ hard work, and it gives colleges a method to see that.

The numerous volunteer activities offered by NHS at North Penn serve to benefit students and the community in many ways.

“Our NHS chapter at North Penn provides great opportunities for members to explore countless different ways to interact with and provide service to our community,” said Meade. Not only will students help the community, but it serves to benefit the individual student as well. “Colleges will be impressed with the amount of volunteer work NHS members have done throughout their time in the chapter,” Meade added. 

NHS is undoubtedly an incredible program with numerous opportunities that will immensely benefit the life of any student. If you qualify, do not hesitate to apply. You might just be missing out on a life-changing opportunity.