Latin club making its debut at North Penn


Michael Klitsch

Latin club is just one of many fun new clubs debuting at North Penn this year.

TOWAMENCIN – This year, a myriad of new clubs and activities have come to the high school. One of these extra-curriculars is Latin Club, founded by senior North Penn student Michael Klitsch. 

Why did you decide to create Latin Club?

“I decided to create Latin club because Latin has really inspired me since my time in middle school, and it was disappointing that the club fell apart during my Sophomore and Junior years. So when Mr. Rockey retired, I took it upon myself to honor everything he did for us Latin students by trying my best to rekindle passion in our school for Latin.”

What kinds of things do you do in Latin Club?

“In the club, we have and will delve into the culture and life of Ancient Rome, so as to show that while Latin may be dead as a language, we can still keep our knowledge of it very much alive.”

Why should other people join?

“I believe everyone can benefit from joining our club, which is why I have designed it to be more friendly to those who haven’t taken Latin, while also being a fun and enriching environment for all. We have many fun activities planned throughout the year, and I hope more people, of all levels of Latin knowledge, can get involved.”

How can other people join?

“If you’re interested in joining, you can email me at [email protected] or join the classroom with our code: r6noon.”