The Usual at Yanni’s

TOWAMENCIN – Your favorite TV shows all have one thing in common: a diner or coffee house that all characters congregate at regularly. Riverdale has Pops, iCarly has the Smoothie Groovie, and 13 Reasons Why has the Coffee Shop. What if I told you that here in Lansdale, we also have a local diner that all of your friends can hang out at. Right inside the shopping center by our high school, Yanni’s Family Restaurant is tucked away inside the Allen-Forge Shopping Center. 

“The original owner was a Greek owner named Yanni, who’s also known as John. He owned it for about 20 years. The current owners, Tae So Lin [Andy] and his wife Soe Hi Lin, bought Yanni’s 16 years ago. They came from Korea and they wanted to live the American dream and start their own business,” said head server Becky Eisenhard.

Up until the middle of August, I was unknowing of this local diner until one of my good buddies, Josh Jones, took me there after our morning session for the soccer team. As soon as we walked in, we got hit with that classic American diner vibe. The booths are exactly like you’re imagining; checkered walls, portraits of black and white babies and famous figures on the wall, and most importantly,those classic red Coca Cola cups that make everything taste better. 

There’s something about the air in Yanni’s that makes you want to go back. From the middle of August to the first day of school, I went to Yanni’s every morning and I’ve even taken multiple friends there. I wanted to share the experience that I thought most people our age were missing out on. 

“To me, it’s like a big family. Most of our customers have been coming here for the entirety that the building has been here [35 years]. Everyone cares about each other, everyone knows everyone, the townspeople know each other, teachers come here, and the old police chief comes here,” said Eisenhard.”

“It’s all of the little things. Most of my servers know all of the regulars and our goal is to memorize their orders. We want our regulars to be able to come in and relax, to not have anything to worry about when they’re here,” Eisenhard added.   

I can confirm that the last remark made by Mrs. Eisenhard is a fact. About the third or fourth time Josh Jones and I went to eat breakfast at Yanni’s, we didn’t get handed a menu, we were simply asked if we wanted the same thing as usual. For me, that’s two french toast with powdered sugar, two sunny-side-up eggs, a side of bacon, and raspberry tea that I touch up with a dab of pepper. 

Yes, pepper…don’t knock it till you try it.

“Every morning, Andy comes in at 4:30 and preps everything. He does all of the cooking and dishwashing by himself. Then I come in and set up the coffee, write the specials on the whiteboard, and get the restaurant set up. I take care that everything’s okay on this end,” said Eisenhard.

The sad truth about today’s restaurant business is that nationwide restaurant chains are inadvertently fencing with local businesses like Yanni’s. I will be the first to say that Yanni’s brings something to the table that restaurants like Olive Garden and Red Lobster don’t. Yanni’s carries an authentic aura that can bring all of the townspeople together and enjoy a meal. Regulars are treated like royalty, and newcomers are craving for more. Tucked away in a little shopping center, Yanni’s Family Restaurant is truly a hidden gem in our beloved town. 

And I can confirm that you can get to Yanni’s from third-floor k pod faster than you could get to A pod.