NPHS health hacks

Follow these tips, and you’ll emerge from cold season (almost) unscathed.


Devan Baldwin

Evading that cold could be as simple as using some hand sanitizer.

TOWAMENCIN – Winter means cold and flu season, which seems to be rampant in the halls of North Penn. It is almost impossible to avoid the coughing, sniffling student who sits next to you in class, but here are some tips to survive cold and flu season at North Penn.

1. Avoid the E-Pod clog

Even worse than the coughing, sniffling student who sits next to you in class is a jam-packed hallway filled with sick students surrounding you. Until spring, I advise you to change your travel route completely to avoid the germ infested E-Pod clog. If the E-Pod clog is an inevitable part of your four minute journey, the best way to get through it is to cover your face, duck, and run.

2. Follow Mr. Klenk’s tip and drink warm water

At any point during the winter months, there is a good chance that half of the members of chorus are losing their voices. Every winter, Mr. Klenk goes on his lengthy speech about the importance of keeping yourself healthy, which includes drinking hot water (preferably with lemon!). So next time you make your morning Wawa run, try switching out your daily caffeine fix for Mr. Klenk’s common cold cure.

3. Wash your hands

This is a concept that high school students should already understand. After making a bathroom stop to read your favorite news source (Crier on the Can, of course!), eating lunch, or  coughing and sneezing, please wash your hands. This also helps to avoid the awkward stares you get from others in the bathroom when you decide to skip the sink and walk straight from the stall to the exit.

4. Carry a box of tissues with you

Nothing is worse than the student that sits next you in class who refuses to get up to get a tissue and instead decides to violently sniffle during the entire class period. Combat this problem by bringing your own box of tissues to school! When the kid next to you won’t get up to blow their nose, you’ll be their savior by handing them a tissue, and tissues could come in handy if you get sick, too.

5. Seriously, just take care of yourself

The third marking period can be tough, and coming to school sick can make it even more difficult. Between school, sports, after school activities, and work, pushing yourself to your limits while you’re sick can be even more harmful. So if you start to feel sick, just take care of yourself. Drink lots of water, eat balanced meals, get lots of rest, and avoid cramming your schedule.