How to survive NPHS hallways


Angela Tessitore

Many students seem to forget how to act in the hallway so here are 5 rules for hallway etiquette.

TOWAMENCIN- There have been multiple occasions where I have been accidentally shoved or hit in the face by a tall person’s backpack while walking to class. With nearly 3,000 kids, traveling through the hallways at North Penn High School can be a challenge. I can’t help but think the process could be significantly easier if people simply followed the unwritten rules of the hallway. Since some students have not picked up these rules with less than half of the school year left, let’s review them.

1. Do not stop in the middle of the hallway

Imagine driving a car. People can’t just stop in the middle of the road and cause traffic to get backed up. Why do some not consider that while walking in the hallway? People have places to go and tests to take. Stopping in the middle of the hallway will disrupt the flow of traffic and earn you many dirty looks. Someone once had the audacity to give me a dirty look because they stopped in the middle of the hallway, and I gave a flat tire to their shoe. Please don’t be that person.

2. No more than three people can walk in a line together

I understand that walking to class while talking to your friends is fun, but don’t walk in a giant line and take up half the hallway. Now you are blocking people who like to walk fast from getting past you. I promise a conversation can still be heard if you walk behind your group of friends.

3. Do not take a million years to say bye to your significant other

I hate when I am just trying to get into a classroom, and a couple is standing in front of the doorway making out, acting like they will never see each other again. I promise class is only 43 minutes long and a teacher won’t hold you hostage, thus stopping you from seeing your significant other. I get it. Love is a magical thing, but please be considerate of others and say goodbye to your girlfriend somewhere else.

4. Please don’t scream or yell

Sometimes I am walking alone in the hallway, thinking about what I’m going to eat later, and I get a mini heart attack from someone yelling. It is honestly scary getting knocked out of your daydream by that. Screaming or yelling is never okay, unless someone is dying on the floor. If you are unable to get your friend’s attention, just shoot them a text later. No one likes your unsettling screaming.

5. Do not text and walk

I have to admit, I have done this before. In my defense, the hallway was almost empty and it was a short text. Some people are masters of not bumping into people when texting in the hallway. Please don’t set yourself up for failure by bumping into someone while texting, and then giving them a dirty look for disrupting your important mission. Just send the text later.

Walking through busy hallways has been a concept since middle school, so it should not be difficult for North Penn students now. Following these simple rules will make traveling through the school a breeze.