10 dates under $10: Valentine’s Edition


Jurni Jackson

Same riddle, new occasion.

TOWAMENCIN- May love be in the air and savings in your account.

Date Idea #1: Dairy Queen.

You’ll need:

To walk across the street.

To remember to bring your wallet to school.

Once 2:12 rolls around, wait for your date in K-pod reception. Walk to the Dairy Queen across the street. Go get two medium blizzards for $4.09 each. (sound familiar?) You and your date don’t get any old regular shmegular blizzards. Uh Uh hunny. On February 14th, we eat Dipped Strawberry Blizzard Treats. Your date will be soooo impressed to learn how in tune you are with the finer things in life once they take a bite and taste the rich Ghiradelli chocolates and strawberries.

Yet again I save you gas money, get you change back, AND on top of that, offer a great date.

Date Idea #2: Color Me Mine

You’ll need:

To be ashamed of yourself if you actually thought Color Me Mine was in your tax bracket.


Here’s the alternative. Go to Michael’s and buy two of the “Personalize It Mug Kit by Art Minds” for $2.09 each. Now you have two mugs and two sets of paint so that you can get the closest thing to a Color Me Mine date. Paint mugs that match, with hearts for a Valentine’s theme, or don’t. Just have fun.

Date Idea #3: “Master Chef”

You’ll need:

To walk across the street to Weis.

To remember you wallet.

To dust off your apron.

To put on the “Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives” theme song.

To pray to Gordon Ramsay.

You’re going to have to get your head in the game for this one. It’ll either go really well or reaaal bad. There’s no in between. You’re going to, get ready for it…cook. Unless this is considered baking, idk.

After school BEFORE Valentine’s Day (or whenever your date is), walk, run, or drive to Weis and buy two things: strawberries and chocolate.

The strawberries at Weis are $5.88 and the tub of Baker’s Dipping Chocolate for $3.19 for the grand total of $9.07 (incase your calculator wasn’t handy).

Now heat the chocolate, eat the strawberries, and have a sweet date. Enjoy!

Please, please, please follow the directions on the chocolate tub carefully. Don’t show your date you can’t cook and burn down the house in one sweep. That wouldn’t make for a good Valentine’s Day at all.

Date Idea #4: Day After Sale

You’ll need:

To put a crisp $10 bill in your wallet.

To go to any store after February 14th.

You and your date will go to the store of your choosing and buy as much Valentine’s candy as you possibly can. Since Valentines will have already passed, all the candy will be on sale. Now you two are tasked with eating all the candy and talking and having fun while you do.

Please don’t throw up (or try to blame me if you do).

Date Idea #5: Charlie Brown

You’ll need:

To download “A Charlie Brown Valentine” or “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown”.

Charlie Brown movies are amazing for EVERY holiday. Valentine’s is most definitely included. You and your date just relax while you watch the movie(s).

As simple as it sounds, I guarantee you, nothing beats the great Charlie Brown.

Date Idea #6: Valentine’s Picnic

You’ll need:

To go to Dunkin’.

To remember to bring a blanket.

Go to Dunkin’ and buy ½ dozen of their Valentine’s Day heart donuts for $5.79. Outside in the courtyard you and your date can enjoy your heart filled picnic on your blanket.

Now the donuts are the most important for this picnic. If you happen to forget the blanket, tell your date to tough it out on the grass (hopefully it won’t be covered in snow) or frantically try to find a sophomore in the hallway and try to trade them a donut for their swim towel.

Date Idea #7: Spa Date

You’ll need:

To go to Rite Aid and buy two face masks under $10.

To match the love theme of Valentine’s Day, you and your date will embark on self-love and care. With your face masks (and any other spa themed item you buy without exceeding $10), celebrate Valentine’s for the love of skin care and the love of love!

Date Idea #8: Sports

You’ll need:

To remember to not take the bus home on Friday.

To pack two snacks from home.

Nothing screams “I love you” more than screaming on North Penn’s basketball teams into playoffs.

Snuggle up in the bleachers and cheer on the team, eat snacks at half-time, and have fun!

Date Idea #9: Crafting

You’ll need:

To bring paper to school.

To bring markers as well.

(Scissors, glue, stickers too if your fancy.)

Now, if you read the above requirements for this date and happen to not have any paper (which wouldn’t make any sense, I know you at least have a crumpled up science test at the bottom of your backpack), I’m concerned, but ask your teacher that can stand you the most for two pieces (remember to say please). If for some reason you couldn’t find any markers or four measly crumpled up and stepped on crayons in your room, again, I’m concerned, but ask another teacher to borrow some (spread the wealth, but in this case, the begging).

Now with these supplies, you and your date will be….drum roll please….making each other Valentine’s! This date will be really cute because you can show your date how artsy you are and give them a real blast from the past since people stopped giving out Valentine’s in like 5th grade.

Oh how I miss those times. The only time of the year where I got Fun Dip. *sigh* Ok moving on.

Date Idea #10: Reading

You’ll need:

To yet again have a charged chromebook.

I know what you’re thinking, “how is reading a good Valentine’s date?”. Well, do I have some news for you.

Find a comfy cozy place in the school (I recommend sitting in A pod), pull out your chromebook, and click on to the Knight Crier. There is no better date to be on. The Knight Crier has the loveliest content out there. Where else could you find such on-brand entertainment for a Valentine’s date?

Spend time relishing each other’s company and reading the best articles out there.

I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day! (if you go on one of these dates I’ve laid out for you, you’re guaranteed to) <3