How do high school students wake up?


Marissa Werner

How do you wake up in the morning?

TOWAMENCIN- Let’s face it: getting up in the morning for the dreaded school day is a struggle. Sometimes we don’t even want to get out of the comfort of our bed. However, waking up is a lot easier to do if you have a daily routine in the morning. Do you set a bunch of alarms? Or make yourself a giant cup of coffee to get that caffeine in your system? Here are some poll results from the students of North Penn.

What time do you get up on a school day?






How many alarms do you have set for the morning?







Do you sleep in on weekends?







Are you a morning person?






What is the first thing you do when you wake up?







Josie Ruzek starts her day by brushing her teeth, putting in her contacts, doing her makeup, changing for school, and filling up her water bottle.

Fabbiha Afrin wakes up, does her skincare routine, feeds her bunny, cries, then goes to school.

Adriana Marchewski’s morning ritual is crying.

Ava Mckee’s day always starts with her sitting on her bed, wrapped up in her blanket and going on her phone to brace herself for school.

Monday through Friday Alexis Nguyen cries on Allentown Road and on Valley Forge Road from 7:02 to 7:08. Being on the same road because the light is the same for like ten minutes could very understandably move the best of us to tears. Alexis gets there so early, but alas, that road takes FOREVER. She’ll be on that road to school as long as it took her to get there from her house (12 minutes). So if Alexis doesn’t make it to school on time, “THAT’S WHY”.

Nikki Butler starts every morning off with a refreshing spray of water at 5 am before moisturizing. Waking up this early may not be pretty, but Nikki always is.









Every morning Amir Harrell wakes up and makes breakfast. Yum!

It wouldn’t be a school morning if Megan Poley didn’t sleep through all of her alarms.











This is how some high school students wake up – how do you wake up? Is it similar to any of these?