What seniors should do in their last semester of high school


Marissa Werner

The class of 2019 gets ready for their final semester as a high school student.

As the second semester of the school year is about to begin, the seniors are entering the very end of their high school career. While it may seem like high school lasts forever, it really doesn’t, and is quickly coming to a close. Before graduation is here, there are a few things every senior must do and think about.

1.Get involved

Yes, I know everyone always says you have to get involved in high school. And yes, it is very annoying but the fact is, those people are completely right. Here at North Penn, there is plenty to do. You can talk to anyone in the halls and easily find yourself a new activity to get involved in.

2.Go to Prom

You only get two chances to go to prom. So if last year you decided you were too cool to go to junior prom, senior year is your chance. You may think right now that prom is lame, but in ten years you’re going to regret not getting down on the dance floor. Trust me, we all want to see what kind of moves you have.

3.Go to a school sports game

If you haven’t gone to a sporting event at North Penn yet, what are you doing? There are so many talented athletes that making watching games, meets, and matches so fun. Right now you can head to the gym for boys and girls basketball, or you can wait for the nice spring weather for some baseball, lacrosse, and more.

4.Go see the spring musical

At North Penn, the theatre program is top notch. For the fall musical, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the cast is going to the international conference, so, you know this group is serious. For the spring musical, North Penn Theatre is performing Mamma Mia. Who doesn’t love Mamma Mia? You can go and sing along and enjoy the many talented students in the theatre program.  

5.Talk to someone new  

North Penn is a gigantic school. Every day I’m sure you see a new face as you walk through the halls. Before you leave, say hi to a new person. You never know, that one hello could lead into a long lasting friendship.

6. Study

I know it’s your senior year and you are trying to live it up as best as possible, but study. You are never going to have the time to study as you do now. I am not saying don’t go out with your friends, but make sure you always make time to sit down and study for your test. It is still important to get the best grades possible senior year.

7. Talk to your teachers

If you have a question or just want to get something off your chest, go talk to your teachers. In college, your teachers might not even know your name. Take advantage of the personal connections you have with your teachers while they last.

8.Visit your old elementary and middle schools

If you have not already done it, go visit your old schools. Go walk the halls and say hello to some of your old favorite teachers. The amount of memories you have from elementary school are endless. Go take a trip back to when all you cared about was recess.

9. Say thank you to a teacher who you will miss

We all have that one teacher that we loved the most. Whether it be from high school, middle school, or even elementary school, make sure you go thank that teacher before your time is up. It will mean the world to them to know that you enjoyed their class after all these years.