10 dates under 10 dollars


Jurni Jackson

See what I did there? It’s one of those riddles. 10 Dates UNDER 10 dollars. Like UNDER. It’s under the line I made.


Date Idea #1:  Dairy Queen.

You’ll need:

To walk across the street.

To remember to bring your wallet to school.

Once 2:12 rolls around, wait for your date in K-pod reception. Walk to the Dairy Queen across the street. Go get two medium blizzards for $4.09 each. This is a great opportunity to show your date how great of a listener you are when they tell you about his or her school day or life in general as you sit in a nice booth eating good treats, all under the grand total of ten dollars!

I saved you gas money and you’ll still get change back. You’re welcome.

And if you want to complain about it being cold, bring a coat and remember, beggars can’t be choosers.

Date Idea #2: Five Below.

You’ll need:

To get over yourself.

All your optimism.

Proceed to take your date to Five Below. When you get there, allow your date to buy something. They can get one $5 thing, a $3 item and a $2 item, five $1, or any other combination that doesn’t exceed ten bucks.

Don’t laugh at this. This date has the potential to be really fun. The visions there.

You’re date picks the bucket of water balloons?

Have at it.

You’re date picks five different bags of candy, popcorn, and chips?

Great. Now you’ve got snacks to eat while you find a free movie to watch, people watch, or just sit and talk. It doesn’t matter because snacks already make everything better, even dates.

Your date picks out some play-doh, some slime, a board game, etc.?

Cooool! Toys! Tons of fun! Thank me later!

Date Idea #3: Italian Delight. (This one’s my favorite)

You’ll need:

To walk across the street.

To once again bring your wallet to school.

To understand I’m not accounting for the tax, but the tax money won’t take you over ten bucks (I haven’t accounted for tax in any of these and I won’t start to.)

You already know the drill, wait for 2:12 and then get walking. Italian Delight is right next to Dairy Queen in the Weis shopping center. The food there is extremely delicious, delightful if you will (get it).

You and your date can both feast on two of their regular slices of pizza for only $4.80 or two Sicilian slices for $5.20.

They also sell the best things ever there, ranch fries, and now you and your date can share them for $5.50!

You can also share a hoagie for $7.50, any of their club sandwiches for $7-$8, get two cheeseburgers $8.50, share a variety steak sandwich for under $10, and much more that you can find at www.italiandelightslansdale.com.

If some of my ideas pertaining to sharing food with your date or whomever isn’t appealing to you, take yourself on a date. You deserve it.

The foods delicious and if you don’t agree you’re wrong.

Date Idea #4: Dessert.

You’ll need:

To go to a restaurant (I graciously listed some).

To eat beforehand. Or afterhand, do as you please.

For this idea you and your date will be going to restaurants. Now you might think, “How are we supposed to afford that under ten dollars?!?”, and to that I say don’t fret my pet, I got you.

You can head back over to Italian Delight to get two of their amazing cannolis for $6. (I recommend)

Go to Friday’s and get their Oreo Madness, Brownie Madness, cheesecake, or one of their other desserts all under ten dollars.

Go to one of these restaurants or any of your fancy and have some dessert with your date. Talk, eat, laugh, and enjoy.

Date Idea #5: Brownies.

You’ll need:

To buy a box of brownie mix.

You can walk to the Weis across the street or go to the Rite-Aid or any store of your liking to get a box of brownie mix. Most of these are under three dollars and if you’re lucky you can get the two for five deal on them. While in the store, read the back of the box for the ingredients you’ll need that doesn’t come with it (like the eggs, oil, whatever else…) and pick those up too. All together it should not exceed ten dollars. If it does, you didn’t follow my instructions properly and that’s on you.

When that’s all said and done, invite your date, best friend, whoever to make brownies with you! It’ll be a fun time with a guaranteed treat at the end.

While they bake watch a movie. The movie’s free if you get someone’s Netflix account. Continue the movie when they’re done and feast.

Date Idea #6: Gingerbread House.

You’ll need:

To buy a gingerbread house. Duh.

This one’s festive!! You can go to Walmart and get any of the Wilton Ready-to-Decorate kits for $8.97. They even make a gingerbread train kit (I’d get that one). You’ll have so much fun decorating it together. This idea can even switch to making gingerbread cookies (get the mix and assorted icings under ten dollars). Either way, you’ll have a grand ol time.

P.S. In the event the holidays are over when you read this and the idea of having gingerbread out of season doesn’t sit right with you, I will allow you to change the cookies from gingerbread to sugar or chocolate chip.

You are not allowed to make raisin cookies though. It’s not just because they’re NAS-TEEE, it’s also for your sake. I’m keeping your date from being disgusted if you try to give them those gross things. You’re welcome.

If you were previously entertaining making raisin cookies you need to seek me out because we need to talk.

Date Idea #7: A walk.

You’ll need:

To wear comfy shoes.

To dress appropriately for the weather.

This is different from walking that person to class, their car, or the bus. This is a legit walk.

Go to a park and walk together. Talk to each other. Maybe even skip, I don’t know. Whatever floats your boat.

An example is Peace Valley Park. Find your way there, walk around the pretty pond and be all nature-y (natury, naturie, naturee).


Date Idea #8: A picnic.

You’ll need:

To plan accordingly for the weather.

To buy or make some food.

Invite that special someone to come and eat outside on the bumpy ground surrounded by bugs.

I kid, I kid, picnics are nice.

Go get your blanket or towel from swim class and some food.

You can make sandwiches and get snacks already at your disposal at home or buy food for your picnic. Remember not to exceed ten dollars!

Get to your local park. Drive there, ask for a ride, walk there, but don’t Uber. That’s out of your tax bracket hunny (so is Lyft).

If a ride isn’t possible, take your blanket or towel (hopefully you had swim class in the morning so it’s dry by now) and food to the courtyard and have yourselves a nice little picnic.

Date Idea #9: Sports.

You’ll need:

To  yet again remember your wallet.

To pack a snack from home (or two if you’re a really good date).

You can relax now, you guys won’t be participating in any physical excursions. You will be watching one. So seriously, un-tense.

Our very own school is home to many sports. Go out and watch one! Or stay if it’s a home one!

Two tickets to a hockey game or a basketball game are ten dollars. Not under ten, exactly ten, but still a great and reasonable date.

Watch the game with your date, cheer for your fellow NP Knights, and rock on.

Take those packed snacks out during half time and eat them (OUTSIDE of the gymnasium if it’s a basketball game. Following rules isn’t lame, it’s the right thing to do and might just impress your date too.) Go back in and continue rocking and rolling and cheering and all those good sportsy things.

Check for locations and dates of hockey, bowling, winter track, wrestling, and basketball games to bring your date to. Very fun.

Date Idea #10: Reading.

You’ll need:

To have a charged chromebook.

To know where the library is (you better).

Invite your date to the library. Open up your chromebook and click on to the Knight Crier!

Yes ma’am you read that right. Peruse through the many informative, entertaining, thought provoking, and all around amazing articles on the Knight Crier written by a very talented staff if I say so myself.

We won’t even charge you for all this goodness! No thanks necessary.

Until the clock in the lower right hand corner on your Chromebook strikes three (don’t forget to wish the librarians a good night on your way out), you two can read and discuss a plethora of great content from your school’s own paper.

In conclusion, my date ideas are solid 11/10s. Be safe and have fun!

I know you and your wallet are going to want to thank me, so you’re welcome in advance 😉