Class of 2019 takes second Powder Puff victory

Junior Bree Hines reaches for Senior Alexa Sprango’s flag.

TOWAMENCIN- The weather was rough on Tuesday, November 20th in the final Powder Puff game of the night. An intense back and forth between the Class of 2019 senior team and the Class of 2020 junior team kept adrenaline pumping with excitement, both teams hoping to come out the victor.  

In the prior game the Juniors had a blowout victory winning 45-6 against the Sophomores.

“I was just glad to see a smile on their face, despite the loss we had fun.” said Eddie Clem, one of the Sophomore coaches.

Following their victory against the Sophomores, the Juniors felt ready to battle the reigning champion Seniors, praying to come out on top. At halftime of the Junior vs. Senior game, the combined classes of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior boy cheerleading squad performed their dance routine to hit songs and Christmas songs for the crowds entertainment.

“It’s a yearly tradition, we come out and cheer our hearts out” said Senior cheerleader Jared Albano.

“You would think it’s embarrassing but these past three years it’s been fun and hilarious.” remembered Senior cheerleader Jason Beideman.

The Juniors were giving the Seniors a run for their money, answering every touchdown with one of their own, which ultimately ended with tie 21-21. The Seniors proceeded to pressure the Juniors into overtime.

In overtime the Seniors and juniors both scored again making the score 27-27 and causing the game to go into double overtime. The Seniors defense held strong and resisted a score from the Juniors, keeping the score 27-27 for the Seniors offense to come out. The Seniors were then able to score a touchdown winning the game 33-27, securing their victory for the second year in a row.

“Everybody came through and we won, credit goes out to all the girls.” said coach Julian White.

“I think it was a combined effort. Our teamwork pushed us through our highs and lows that really made the rest of the game.” said Senior Ashley Schmidt.

Despite the weather, the contagious excitement throughout the games and another win for the Class of 2019 certainly made the cold a lot less noticeable.