Juniors take 2017 Powder Puff Glory

Junior Kathryn Von Abo looks for a way around the sophomore defense.

TOWAMENCIN- It may have been a chilly November night, but Crawford Stadium was warm with excitement for the annual Powder Puff football game. Tuesday night’s Student Government Association sponsored event featured three tough teams of female competitors and one show stopping all male half time performance. Following the dramatic first-round upset by the current junior team last November, the possible rematch against the current seniors was highly anticipated.

In the first game between the Sophomore and Junior classes, the Juniors got out to a quick lead with a touchdown by Heather Shannon and an extra 2 point drive for an early 8-0 lead in the first half. The Junior defense remained strong through the half, and with another touchdown by Kathryn Von Abo, the Juniors lead 14-0 at the half.

The Juniors stayed strong through the second half, with another touchdown by Shannon, bringing their lead to 20-0. The Sophomores looked to make up lost ground as Victoria Juckniewitz ran for a long touchdown, scoring their first points of the game. But their streak was not kept for long as the Juniors scored another touchdown to secure the win 26-6.

“I have no words,” said Sophomore Team coach Justin Dipietro when asked about his team’s loss to the Juniors.

Next came the halftime entertainment by the cheerleaders. The dance routine consisted of enthusiastic young men and bright green leggings. They brought the stands to their feet as they danced along with the mashup of Miley Cyrus and Fergie hits, and they attempted several successful acrobatic stunts.

The championship game between the Senior and Junior teams was a highly anticipated rematch of the upset from last year. The seniors had a rough start as they could not score in their first drive. Varsity kicker for the North Penn Knights football team Kelly Macnamara punted for the Senior team in a crowd pleasing coaching decision. However, the Junior team kept their momentum from their earlier win as Heather Shannon scored her fourth touchdown of the night, bringing the juniors to a 6 point lead.

The Seniors then began to make a move with a touchdown by Aarti Boghara that tied up the game. Scoring an additional touchdown by Sienna Williams, the seniors went into halftime with a 6 point lead.

However, the lead was not secure, and in the last seconds of the game, a touchdown was scored by the Juniors, sending the game into overtime.

In the first round of overtime, both teams scored 6 points, keeping the game tied. In double-overtime, the Juniors were able to score an unanswered 6 points to win the championship.

Junior standout Heather Shannon was very excited about the win against the Seniors and for the friendly competition on the field.

“The highlight of the night for me was coming out here and showing school spirit, playing with all my friends, and being able to bring home the championship after a loss in the finals last year,” said Shannon.

Junior team coach Christopher Ganzel was proud of his team and happy with the outcome of his coaching plans.

“My game plan was to establish defense, because without defense, you’re not going to win,” explained Ganzel, “So I established defense, and then it was all about moving the ball and getting some points on the board.”

When asked about the double-overtime loss, Senior defensive Coach AJ Catanzaro was very proud of his team and the way they played.

“Our defensive plan was to blitz a ton, make the quarterback unsteady in the pocket, get a lot of picks, and get a lot of stops. Our offense gave us some bad spots, but hey, you know, we had a lot of fun out here.”

North Penn Knights Varsity kicker Kelly Macnamara humorously highlighted the biggest difference between the Friday night football lights and the Tuesday night powderpuff lights as being the “play calls.”

The annual tradition of Powder Puff football in Crawford Stadium kept the crowd on their toes with an exciting match-up and entertaining half-time performance. The Juniors will look to defend their reign as champions next fall.