Blacklight Pep Rally sets the tone for Homecoming

The North Penn dance team performs in all white outfits to glow in the blacklight

TOWAMENCIN- On Friday October 6th, North Penn students kicked off Homecoming with the 2nd Annual Blacklight Pep Rally. Performances by the dance team, cheerleaders and drumline pumped up the crowd for the football game later to come that night.

While the lights were still on, the cheerleaders performed to get the crowd ready for the homecoming court to be introduced. This was a chance for students of all grades to see the court and get in the last minute voting for King and Queen. Once the lights went out, the dance team performed in all white outfits to get everyone excited about the blacklight.

Following the dance team’s performance, the Girls’ Volleyball team, the Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country teams, and the Boys’ Soccer team were introduced and ran out with music to keep the excitement going.

“It was a great experience to run out into the dark with the boys. I had a lot of fun representing my team,” said soccer player, Ricky Brophy.

Next the Golf team, Field Hockey team and Boys’ and Girls’ Water Polo teams ran out to music, making unique entrances.

“We had such a great time as a team, being able to represent ourselves and get acknowledgement to our captains. It was fun getting hype for all the other teams and performances,” said field hockey player, Kellie Pickford.

The last fall athletic team to be introduced was the football team, and they were very lively in their entrance. With everyone eager for the game to come, the gym was electrified with enthusiasm.

“My team has such great energy on the field, so it was fun to show the school that we have that same energy off the field. Our dance circle was pretty hype and got everyone pumped up,” said football player, Justis Henley.

The pep rally ended with a performance by JROTC members and the drumline to get everyone up and dancing. The Blacklight Pep Rally set the tone for a night full of school spirit and energy as Homecoming festivities continued at the Pregame Tailgate, football game, and Homecoming Dance.