PSAT Testing Set for Next Week

Bridget Phillips, Staff Writer

Number two pencils and scantron answer sheets are a rite of passage for Juniors, and as we approach PSAT and SAT season, this year is certainly no exception.


Returning to a new school year, juniors quickly became aware of sign-up dates for PSATs, as well as another new change; a fourteen dollar fee to take the test.


North Penn implemented a change to the PSAT format this year, charging fourteen dollars, the cost they pay to administer the test, to any junior wanting to take the test. Budget cuts are the explanation for the new fee.


 “The district was looking at how we can save money” explains Principal Burton T. Hynes. But the district strongly agrees with PSATs, and they want students to have the opportunity to take them, so they continue to pay for sophomore’s tests. The school hoped students would realize the fourteen dollars were going toward a good cause and sign up.


“If you are sitting in an AP English or honors class, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t take the test” says Hynes. He explains that the tests are used as a basis for identifying National Merit Scholar Commended students. He thinks that its “just great practice for the SATs.”


Around 500 juniors signed up for the tests this year which will be given on Wednesday, October 12 to both juniors and sophomores.


Good luck everyone, and happy testing!