Breaking down the top 2 favorites for AL MVP

2 months into a long MLB season has brought up a lot of questions, including the very important one of who will be the AL MVP. The race is heating up with players constantly proving their dominance over the league, but 2 names have not only shown their dominance but have been taking over the league with incredible stats and results. Mike Trout and Aaron Judge are my favorites for AL MVP, but back to the important question, after the season closes, who will come up on top?

This has been the comeback season of a lifetime so far for Trout. After missing the majority of the season last year with a season-ending calf strain Trout has done everything to show his name belongs on top. The Angels center-fielder is batting .308 with 13 home runs and 28 RBIs along with a .411 OBP and 1.063 OPS. These remarkable stats are reflected by Judge as well. Judge is hitting .309 with 18 HR and 37 RBIs with a .376 OBP and a 1.045 OPS. The players are head to head in all states except HR and RBI where Judge proves his excellence.

Judge is known as an HR hitter and has been in his 5 years in the MLB. His 18 HRs lead the league and his 37 RBI are 2nd in the AL and 6th in the MLB. Trout does beat him in the OBP category because of his 4 more walks. Judge has more overall hits though. Judge has 54 and Trout has 49. Judge leads by 1 in runs and has 3 more stolen bases than Trout.

Both players are having elite seasons so far, but I think that Judge is winning in all the more important categories. Hits, home runs, batting average, and runs all help to score runs and that helps win games. He may not be leading in those categories by much, but the amount of HRs that he has hit is very impressive with it being that early in the season. Judge is also doing all of this while playing a position he is not used to.

With the Yankees struggling with their center fielder, Judge has taken over the position playing more than half his games in the center instead of his usual position of right field. Both Trout and Judge contribute heavily in the defensive department and overall contribute greatly to their team’s success. The success of the Yankees cannot be ignored as they are off to an amazing start and Judge contributes to that greatly.

The Yankees have a 33-15 record at the top of the AL and the league in general while the Angels are not even at the top of their division. Judge leads most major stat categories on the Yankees and has contributed the most RBIs to the team. The team is on pace to win over 120 games this season. That stat speaks for itself and even with the talented roster they have, Judge deserves the majority of the credit.

Both Trout and Judge are having remarkable and historic seasons contributing greatly to their respective teams, but the numbers point to Judge winning the AL MVP. Yes, it is very early to make this call, but it does not seem that Judge will slow down anytime soon.

The Angels and Yankees start a 3 game series against each other on May 31st giving both players a chance to prove that they should be MVP contenders, but as for now, my pick is Aaron Judge.