Golf team adds female subset


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The golf team this year features five girls, which allows for a female subset for the team.

TOWAMENCIN- It’s not too often that history is made at the high school level regarding sports, but this summer, before the fall season, the North Penn High School golf team made history by having enough female golfers to create a female subset on the team.

In years past, the girls and boys played in coed matches as expected, but when golf outings were scheduled against guys, the girls competed with the boys.  Now with the female subset in place, the girls can compete in coed matches and matches featuring all girls.

“As the year progressed, and I spoke with other coaches in the league, I realized we are considered technically a coed team only. We could field a girls’ team because we have 5 girls on the team but if we did this, they would not be able to compete in the coed matches. The reason we stayed coed is because it actually offers the girls more opportunity to play due to the limited number of girls’ teams in the area,” explained Coach Frassinelli.

The girls have thrived this year as two freshmen, Hayley Ekert and Camryn Lampitoc qualified for the District One tournament. The creation of the subset is a big step forward, but Lampitoc would like to see more come to the program.

“Definitely a lot more people joining, a lot more girls on the team. I know we have a lot, we have five right now, but definitely a lot more on the team next year hopefully,” Lampitoc said.

It’s no secret, golf isn’t one of the most popular sports at the pro level yet alone at the high school level.  But having the female subset could and should have a big impact for the program and high school.

“I think it shows more diversity and adversity because we don’t see that many girl golfers so it shows that girls can be more than one thing. We can do more than one sport.  We can do a male dominated sport,” junior golfer, Laura Santangelo explained.

With the season wrapped up, the golf team heads into the offseason and we’ll see if the program can attract any new attention.  If you are interested in joining the team, you can email Coach Frassinelli at [email protected].