Muth, a leader in the pool and in the classroom

Muth plans to continue her academic and athletic career next fall at Susquehanna University.

TOWAMENCIN- For senior Haley Muth, being a leader comes naturally. Ever since she was a little kid, Muth always uplifted her friends with her bubbly personality. Now, in her last year of school here at North Penn, Muth has taken her leadership to new levels as a captain of the girls’ swimming and water polo teams, and also as vice president of the Spanish Honors Society.  

Muth was always very outgoing and undeniably herself. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, a ball of light and energy took over the room as soon as Muth stepped in.

“I always try to be my own person and I like to lift other people up and I try to look at the positive things in life,” stated Muth.

Being able to try new things was never a challenge as Muth was very involved growing up. After trying out softball, soccer, and the choir for her church, Muth found her home in the swimming pool.  

“I was seven years old when I started swimming. I started at Nor Gwyn, then joined NPAC when I was ten and just stuck with it. A lot of my friends were on the Nor Gwyn swim team when I was little so I figured I would give it a try and I really liked it. Someone then suggested I try NPAC which is winter swimming and I also really liked that. After that, I joined North Penn’s U.S team which consisted of extra meets on the weekends and we also went to Junior Olympics. I seemed to be good at it so I kept sticking through it,” explained Muth.

Even though she didn’t try water polo until her freshman year, it came just as natural to Muth as swimming did and ended up being her favorite.

“I’d say I like water polo more because it is a team sport, even though personally I am better at swimming,” said Muth.

Marissa Werner
Muth swimming butterfly at this year’s Senior Night.

Muth took her leadership skills to new levels her senior year of high school as captain of the girls’ water polo and swim teams. Muth helped lead the water polo team to their 5th state championship in a row. Not only did Muth help the water polo team reach their goal of state champions, but she also did the same with the girls’ swim team as they accomplished the same feat.  

“It was definitely a big role to fill. As a captain I had to look out for anyone who was struggling and keep the team intact like lifting each other up. We did lead some aspects of practice but mostly we led the team energy and spirit during meets. A lot of the swimmers did rely on the captains for advice too.”  

Muth’s time on the swimming and water polo team did not come easy. There were high expectations for the coveted goal of state champions. Muth had the joy of being a part of a state championship water polo team all four years she played. Also, the girls’ swim team had won states three out of Muth’s four years, including this year where she took on the role of captain.  

“Being a part of a winning team is a really big accomplishment and it was fun to be with all of our teammates. It is also really rewarding at the end of the season after working with each other to accomplish our goals and relive the tradition of winning states,” stated Muth.

Not only is Muth a leader in the pool, but she is also a leader in the classroom. Muth is vice president of North Penn’s Spanish Honors Society.  

To be a part of the Spanish Honors Society, you have to have ended Spanish four with an A to apply. You also have to be currently taking AP Spanish and have to maintain an A in that course as well.  

“Being on a team helped me find my role as a leader and I learned a lot about working with others and showing people what is best. In the Spanish Honors Society I ran for vice president because I like being a leader and I wanted to continue that role with my favorite subject in school. It is really great working with the other officers and the members of the society,” Muth explained.

Muth’s love of Spanish came from it always being her favorite subject in school and always being drawn to its unique culture.

“I’ve loved all of my teachers and I always loved learning about the culture and the different little quirks of the language,” explained Muth.

As her time at North Penn comes to an end, Muth is sad to leave but also excited to start a new chapter in life. Next fall, Muth will be attending Susquehanna University to continue her swimming career. Muth will also be extending her love for Spanish with a major in secondary education with a certification in Spanish.

Muth still has more goals she wishes to accomplish in the pool and in the classroom while at college. One thing is for sure though, no matter where Muth goes, her liveliness and eagerness to learn will lift up everyone no matter what room she is in.