Francesca Dolan serving success beyond the court


Francesca Dolan captured with her NPHS volleyball teammates before their senior night.

TOWAMENCIN- Senior year is a time for students to enjoy their last taste of high school life as they prepare for future college plans and career paths. North Penn High School senior Francesca Dolan is doing just that, as she continues to make her mark on the North Penn volleyball court, while also preparing to enroll in college and enter a new chapter of her life.

Dolan began playing volleyball in the 5th grade for the Catholic Youth Organization at Corpus Christi Church, located in Lansdale. Dolan’s love for volleyball has only prospered from elementary school. She is a member of the varsity volleyball team at North Penn and was named most valued player last season.

“I like [volleyball] because it’s not just one person, it’s the whole team. You can’t play if it’s not the whole team [working] together,” explained Dolan.

This year, the North Penn girls volleyball team has made it to playoffs, an achievement that has not been accomplished for many years.

“I think the team is really excited….there is a lot of seniors, so it’s exciting that our senior year we can experience [playoffs],” said Dolan.

The NPHS senior does not limit herself to only playing volleyball. She is involved in a multitude of other activities at North Penn, such as National Honors Society, Mini Thon Committee, SGA senate, and Salsa Club. Dolan also experienced traveling to the Dominican Republic with her classmates for a service trip this past summer.

“[The Dominican Republic] was awesome. We went to a school there and it was just one small classroom with a basketball court. We painted a mural around the court and then in the classroom tried teaching English to the kids…. it was amazing seeing how happy they were all the time and it was such an eye opener,” explained Dolan.

Dolan attributes her success to her family and believes that maintaining a healthy, happy relationship contributes greatly to her accomplishments.

“My mom and dad have always been a part of our lives. They have worked their hardest to do that. We like to be there for each other,” admitted Dolan.

Dolan has four brothers: one older brother, a twin brother, and two younger brothers. Growing up with four brothers has molded Dolan into the person she is today.

“It is easier for me to understand things from different points of views because I grew up with all of them. It’s also made me more responsible because I have to keep them in line,” added Dolan.

Dolan’s future shines bright as she prepares for life after high school. She plans on attending college in the Philadelphia area with a major in nursing. For now, Dolan intends to enjoy her last year in high school with the friends and hobbies she’s known and loved.

“I hope to make the most of senior year because everyone says it goes by so fast. It’s already November and it seems like [the school year] has just started!” exclaimed Dolan.