Haynes in the red zone with his time at North Penn

Haynes in action on the field against Pennsbury this fall.

TOWAMENCIN- Playing in front of hundreds of cheering fans every Friday night is nothing new for senior football captain Jon Haynes. For the past 13 years, football has been a consistent part of Haynes’ everyday life, and will continue to be as well.

Ever since he saw a team practicing at the age of five, Haynes has always had a strong desire to be on the field himself. First starting out as a running back and a corner, Haynes found a passion that would continue to stick with him throughout his years at school.

Instead of entering North Penn High School right away, Haynes spent his freshman year of high school at Germantown Academy. After his freshman year, he decided Germantown Academy was not the school for him, so Haynes transferred to North Penn at the start of his sophomore year.

“My parents wanted me to try a private school, and they gave me money for football, so I decided to try it out, but I didn’t think it was for me, so I decided to go back to public school,” stated Haynes

Once he came to North Penn, Haynes felt the school spirit more than ever. Also, he noticed the drastic change in environment, especially during football games.

Haynes explained, “I feel like a lot of people come to the games and a lot of people support us. At GA there were sometimes when people supported us. Sometimes there were bigger crowds but usually smaller. At North Penn you always know what to expect.”

Not only did Haynes feel that North Penn was a better fit for football, but he also made the switch due to academics. Haynes felt that North Penn would help him have a good balance between football and school.

“At GA class sizes were smaller but the pace was a lot faster and sometimes harder to keep up with, but at North Penn the classes are at a more reasonable pace so I can keep up with my work during football season easier,” stated Haynes.

During football season, it is harder to juggle his work, but Haynes manages to find a way to put his schoolwork first, before his busy schedule. After practice, Haynes usually comes home and does his homework right away, then tries to study for any upcoming test for about an hour to an hour and a half, which can be challenging sometimes.

“It does become difficult sometimes but for me, school always comes before football,” stated Haynes on what his priorities are during the school year.

Haynes knows that being a student athlete means you do not have much free time after practice and completing school work. When he does find some free time, Haynes likes to hang out with his friends most of the time, but if he is at home, he likes to play video games.

As high school narrows down, Haynes has a few things he would like to accomplish before his time is over at North Penn.

On the gridiron, Haynes would really like to win a state championship during his last year of high school football. Also, academically, Haynes would like to continue to improve his grades to the best they can be and continue to work hard in his classes. And lastly on the social aspect of school, Haynes would like to continue to meet more people, while also participating in more class trips and events.

Even though high school is winding down, Jon’s football career is only beginning. After high school, Haynes plans on going to college to play football. With a few offers on the table, Haynes is still unsure of what school he will be attending next fall, but he is set on studying to become a business major.

Even though Haynes will not be playing sports for the rest of his life, they have made a lasting impact on the way he approached many situations.

Jon explained, “I think sports are a good representation of life. Life isn’t always good, it isn’t always easy. You have to be able to get through hard times. Sometimes you always don’t succeed your first time, but you have to keep trying until you do.”