Calling all Pennsylvanians – it’s time to register…and VOTE!


As American citizens we are given the privilege of many opportunities: school, government funded programs such as food stamps and unemployment, and many other civic benefits. 

Many of us know about places where freedom and voice don’t exist such as North Korea and Russia, but one of the main drives for authoritarianism – –  lack of truly free elections and voter opportunities.

Voting is uniquely a western quality, a privilege many of us take for granted. The midterm elections are coming up November 8, 2022, but important to note is the last day to register to vote is October 24, 2022. 

If you´re 18 years or older and have not registered than DOS has all the information to get you registered. 

This year’s midterm elections are very important. Here in Pennsylvania, the governor’s election has been surrounded by typical election rhetoric. Some see Doug Mastriano as the end to abortion and a whole new slate of ideologies and policies, while some believe Josh Shapiro will be too soft on crime and drugs. Can all of this actually be possible?

It’s hard to understand the importance of researching and thoroughly exploring the election and its candidates. For example most don’t even know the local representatives where they live, or the representatives of the area they work.  

Mr. Sam Brumbaugh, a social studies teacher at North Penn High School has taught government and global issues at North penn. In that time he’s had many experiences and even students that are exchange students, observing and noting differences sometimes in young peoples’ views of government and civics.  

“I tend to think, Americans, we are spoiled. Its a function of the affluence of our society that a lot of people don’t vote.” Laziness in regards to voting isn’t just a problem of our generation, It is an interior problem built into our society making things around us centered on purely the current,” Brumbaugh explained. 

For those who still haven’t registered, it;s a good time to use your power to your advantage. America isn’t guaranteed to stay a representative democracy. And local/ midterm elections may very well affect our daily lives as much as any major election. 

Here you can find the link to register online for the PA midterms, You must register to vote before you can sign up for a mail-in ballot.  

Ballotpedia has how you can figure out What the ballot will look like for this year’s midterms. Please take some time and familiarize yourself with all of the names, not just the two primary parties.