Why you should go to prom

I, too, wasn’t intending on going to senior prom. I mean why would I? It’s at North Penn, tickets are still (to the naked eye) somewhat expensive, and there are a whole bunch of guidelines/restrictions set in place that serve as a constant reminder that this year isn’t the same. But, as news started to slowly roll out on how this year’s senior prom would look like, I changed my mind. If you plan on skipping it, simply because “it won’t be the same”, then you should change your mind too.

The reality of the situation is that our senior class cabinet did a very good job with detailing and negotiating the prom to administration with the unfortunate hands that they were dealt with. This year’s prom is going to have a huge dancing tent with lights, a professional decorator, 3 dessert trucks that will serve waffles + ice cream, Kona Ice, and cupcakes; a professional photographer, 2 digital photo booths, and DJ will be picking songs students voted for from the survey.

“Our theme is ‘Enchanted Knight.’ And with the help from our hired decorator, we will be transforming the turf field into an ‘enchanted garden’ so people won’t just feel like they’re in the middle of a high school turf field. The price is $60 per ticket but every cent is going towards prom and everything we have planned, so you get what you pay for,” Senior Class President Clare Ryabin explained.

The fact that our cabinet was able to get all of that for us, should not be responded with shame for the lack of normalcy– but with appreciation to all of those involved in planning it for even getting it done. I mean, imagine the outcry if there was no prom?

Think about it like this: you’d much rather be the person that says, “wow, prom sucked,” than the one saying, “wow, I wish I went to prom.” At least the former got to experience what it was like, at least they can even say they went to this “historic” prom. But the latter will be left with nothing but regret.

Obviously, the ultimate decision is up to you and ticket sales start this week at the high school. The times are Tuesday and Wednesday 1:30-3:30, Thursday 1:30-4:00 then 6:00 to 8:00 on the same day, and Friday 12:00-3:30. You will need to bring $60 (cash or check payable to NPHS), Student ID, COVID-19 Assurance Test permission slip (for you and your guest), and a guest form. And if you have any money saved over from your fundraising for the Disney Trip during your sophomore and junior years, you can transfer that “credit” and use it towards a prom ticket.

To get any questions answered regarding Prom and the way tickets are being sold, DM @npclassof2021 on Instagram.