Opinion – I read the entire Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition

The Knight Crier’s Chase Brody breaks down an issue that has been all but buried under a mountain of revolving news cycles


Newsworthy – The Ghislaine Maxwell deposition and her role in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has become a silent story in most media platforms over the last several months.

Few women have as much power as Ghislaine Maxwell.  Not because she is in a powerful position, but because she has dirt on some of the world’s most powerful people. I am convinced that this story is just as important as most mainstream stories such as the election, coronavirus, and school shutdowns. Miss Maxwell has the power to turn what was once a conspiracy theory that roamed the depths of the internet into a factual narrative that could redefine our country’s vision of our elites.

Ghislaine Maxwell is most notorious for aiding and abetting the infamous sex trafficking operation ran by Jeffrey Epstein out of Little Saint James Island off the coast of the Virgin Islands, and chatting up the powerful people that set foot on the premises.

Maxwell recruited minors to come to Little Saint James on the false premise of work, only for them to come face to face with a number of Politicians, Hollywood actors and CEOs.

In late October 2020, Maxwell’s legal team failed to keep a 2016 deposition from being released to the public. I have taken the opportunity to read every single page of the 418 page document, as I believe that the case deserves far more attention than the mainstream media is giving it, which is essentially none. 

For the deposition itself, as expected, there was quite a bit of question dodging, along with Miss Maxwell’s very irate lawyer.  A major letdown was the amount of redactions done to the testimony. However as innocent as the redactions look, I believe beneath them lay malicious intent.

Maxwell also, ironically enough, contradicts herself 45 pages in. She claims to have never set foot on Little Saint James: “Never, in 2,000 years.”  However, 60 pages later from that statement, she claims to have brought notorious Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre to the island to work as a masseuse. In a separate deposition released earlier this year, Maxwell claimed that she had not had contact with Epstein since 2007, although prosecutors had gotten ahold of emails of Maxwell’s that show they had been communicating with each other as recently as 2015, through which Epstein told her that she did “nothing wrong” and not to act as if she was a criminal.  These details surfacing could raise the possibility of perjury charges being added to her already 35 year prison sentence, which some federal prosecutors argue could very well happen.

A very odd ordeal during the testimony was the notion that a redacted name allegedly groped several victims with “a puppet or caricature” of himself.  To which Maxwell fired back, asking the attorney to identify what a puppet was. The exchange lasted 3 pages, with Maxwell claiming: “I have no recollection of a puppet being anywhere in my presence.”  Due to the accusations made by Giuffre that British royalty and Duke of York; Prince Andrew had allegedly used a puppet of himself to allegedly grope his victims, I concluded it was most likely him to whom the interrogator referred. 

During another heated exchange, Maxwell was directly asked whether or not Epstein had abused young minors.  Maxwell asked for the definition of “abuse.” to which she responded that she had “no idea” and that her testimony was only taking place because Giuffre was “a liar.”  This specific exchange lasted 12 pages.

Allegedly, during the testimony, Maxwell slammed the table with such force that a laptop of one of the attorney’s fell off.

Since Maxwell’s arrest in July of this year, she has been spending her days in a Brooklyn maximum security prison.  The treatment there is harsh, with Maxwell being moved from cell to cell every few hours, all the while wearing paper clothes, being fed mashed up fruit, being under constant surveillance, and being denied visits.  Bureau of prisons claims that this is a security measure to ensure her safety, after her former co-conspirator Jeffery Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell in August of 2019 of an apparent suicide. 

It all circles back to why I think Americans, and especially the youth, should be paying more attention to this story.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear tinfoil hats, but judging by the connections Maxwell and Epstein had with many financial and political elites, there very well might be something far more sinister that connects all of them more than one might originally think.