Seniors’ Final Advice


Marissa Werner

2018 graduates pose for a picture in front of North Penn High School.

As memorial weekend quickly comes to an end, the next steps for high school students include taking finals and enjoying a hot, stress-free summer. The majority of students at North Penn High School will be returning next year as juniors and seniors, but this isn’t the case for all, as the Class of 2019 is almost done with their time in the North Penn School District. Some, having spent thirteen years in North Penn schools, have learned a lot, and are ready to share their experiences with you. From what they have taken in over the years, numerous seniors would like to take this time to give their ‘last words’ in the form of advice, memories, and more.

These North Penn Seniors are ready to share their last words:

North Penn has honestly made me the person I am today. I have met the best people, made amazing memories, and have had the most incredible experiences of my life within my three years here. My advice to any underclassmen would be to make the most of your time at North Penn, because it’ll go by faster than you think. There are so many opportunities to do something great with your life and it starts with your time here at North Penn.

— Sophia Broadhurst

[North Penn]’s what you make of it. Everyone will tell you about how quick it goes by, but don’t focus on that or you’ll miss everything. Just do you and make yourself happy.

— Maddy Baker

[North Penn] goes by in a blink of an eye….live your best life, go to as many sporting events, and just try not to stress about it too much. Also, just have fun with it while it lasts.

— Madhu William

Get as involved as possible in as many North Penn events as you can, because once you graduate you’re [going to] look back on those fun memories and remember them.

— Tanav Thanjavuru

Enjoy every second of [high school] because before you know it you’ll be getting grad party invitations and picking roommates for next year.

— Jamie Beer

Make the most of your high school years because they go fast.

— Joe Stuart

If you are worried that you have no idea where you’re going the first week and think you look dumb, don’t panic [because] no one else has any idea what they’re doing those first few weeks either. You’ll get the hang of it.

— Ali Walter

It’s okay to grow out of your friend group, just be around people you know you can count on.

— Anonymous