“Special” truly is special

Netflix is great, don’t get me wrong, but it has come to the point where binge watching shows is satisfying to me. During the summer, this task is easy to accomplish, as my schedule is usually flexible, but when school is in session, things are different. The new trend on Netflix is releasing shows with hour long episodes, so the art of binge watching is becoming more and more challenging. The other day, I was scrolling through the trending category of my Netflix page, where I came across the Netflix original “Special”. I read the description…seemed interesting, I thought to myself. Then, I saw how long the episodes were. Each episode is under twenty minutes, so I was determined to restart my binge watching mission.

I hopped on my recliner, put on a blanket, and hit play. Within a 2-3 hour time period, I completed season one, and was immediately inspired to write this article, due to the film’s uniqueness and inspiring message.

Ryan O’Connell, writer and in this case star of the film, plays a gay man with cerebral palsy, trying to find who he is. The best part about his character is that in real life, he is also gay and disabled. The first episode sets the scene, as he is given an internship, allowing him to jumpstart his journalism career.

Having lived with cerebral palsy all his life, this internship was his first real adventure into the adult world. At the time, he was still living with his single mother. Taking the internship with Eggwoke, the blog site, allows him to step out of his comfort zone and show the world who he truly is…well, to an extent.

His previous internships with various writing sites have been ‘stay-at-home’ gigs, while Eggwoke required him to step into a new world of opportunities. Ryan is surprised to make friends early on at his new job, which creates a positve, encouraging storyline for the rest of the first season.

From here, “Special” showcases an inspiring story of a disabled man who proves to his community, and the world, that although he has cerebral palsy, he still has a voice, making this show a must see.

After completing the season in such a short period of time, it allowed me to take in what I had just observed. The fact that the character is gay gives the story more backbone, as cerebral palsy isn’t the only “obstacle” Ryan has to overcome. My completion of this masterpiece has opened my eyes to the world of journalism even wider than they were before. Ryan takes his setbacks and writes about them, giving him the chance at a new life. Shortly after his first article gains popularity, he starts to make decisions to benefit his future, showing that no matter what life throws your way, there is always a path…it is just up to you to find it.

This show captures the ability of a man who cannot tie his shoes to do great things: something you don’t see much on TV, as it is filled with violence, drugs, etc. “Special” has restored the hope by providing a heartfelt series with potential.

The next time you log onto Netflix, type in S P E…and the rest will take its course, as you dive into the life of a hysterical disabled, gay man.