EDITORIAL: Nick Sandmann is a symbol of fake news


Logan Dubil

KC writer Logan Dubil explains why the story of the confrontation between Native American Nathan Phillips and Trump supporter Nick Sandmann has been inaccurately reported.

As of now, you have most likely been swamped with videos regarding high school Trump supporters and a Native American elder. Well so have I, and I am going to be honest, I am not content in the slightest. Once again, the media has distorted an event to make Republicans look bad. And this is why Fake News is becoming a big problem.

The primary video that has been propagated across the internet is the one listed below. Based upon the video, people have incriminated the high school boys, especially senior Nick Sandmann, the young man who stood in front of Nathan Phillips, the Native American elder, of being disrespectful and aggressive.


I hope I am not the only one confused as to why people think this. First of all, since when did standing still and smiling count as being disrespectful and aggressive? Many people believe that the boys surrounded Mr. Phillips and began to taunt him out of the blue, but new video releases automatically prove that assumption to be incorrect. The whole situation sprung due to a group called Black Hebrew Israelites.

The group of high school boys from Covington Catholic were minding their own business in Washington D.C. when this group decided to mock them with insulting statements, including:

“You’re a bunch of future school shooters.”

“Look at these damn devils.”

“Let’s separate from these devils and run this earth.”

The comments said by grown men toward teenage boys have gone unmentioned, but for some reason, standing still has swept the nation from its feet, leading to the extreme, such as death threats upon Nick Sandmann, who once again is only a teenager.

After the two groups “clashed”, Nathan Phillips approached the group of high schoolers, while beating his drum and singing his songs. Peaceful right? I somewhat agree. His intentions were to keep the peace and stop the arguing, but it made the situation even worse than it had already become. This act in itself is more antagonizing then a boy smiling, but no one will take that into account. Tell the truth: have you took any time to put yourself in Nick’s shoes? Don’t you think he was intimidated by Nathan? Well he was, as Nick states, “I was startled and confused as to why he had approached me…I was worried that a situation was getting out of control.”

Want to know why little to no one has compassion for the boy? The media skewed the entire story and now people can’t see the other side without being biased. Want to know another reason why? The boys supported President Donald Trump, one of the most controversial presidents the United States has seen in a long time.

This breaking news story has to do with more than “disrespectful teenagers”. Overall, it shows how easy it is to believe what you see on the news, especially during the Trump Era.

Republicans seem to receive attack after attack for supporting such a “horrible human being”. Videos and news stories attempt to expose Republicans of being bad people, when after all, Democrats act the same way, even worse at times

For instance, have you ever seen these videos?



Both of the videos above are protests that occurred due to the election of Donald Trump.

The responses I have heard from people who classify as anti-Trump regarding this video fall along the lines of “well we have a reason to be mad.”

Yes, you have every right to feel the way you want to feel, but there is absolutely no reason to destroy other people’s property just because things didn’t go your way. Such devastating protests have occurred ever since Trump took office, but like I said before, they go unmentioned. Instead, people spend their time berating a teenage boy for smiling at a Native American. Is this where Fake News has gotten us?

My overall message is to research before you form your opinions. You are entitled to your own opinions, just don’t look like a fool when you fall for Fake News like many did due to the story of Nick Sandmann.