The importance of self-worth


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One way KC writer Logan Dubil has realized the importance of self worth is through his position as FBLA State President.

Don’t conform to fit the norm,

Don’t change to avoid the strange,

Don’t be scared or unprepared,

Because you have self-worth.

Wake up and smile for a while,

Leave your bed with a highly lifted head,

Live your life lacking strife,

Because you have self-worth.

As high school has progressed, I have had the same schedule day after day: wake up, go to school, come home, and stress.

It is my senior year, the year that is well-known for being a smooth ride to the end, but I am not experiencing that whatsoever. For me, things are a bit different. For me, it is a year of non-stop effort to make sure I receive the results I desire. Maybe it is because I am involved with numerous activities outside school, but even with the downtime I am provided, I still can never find time to appreciate the work I have accomplished.

Whether it is traveling for the Future Business Leaders of America, volunteering, raising money for nonprofits, or even something simple like doing homework, I always feel as if I am not doing enough to benefit my future. This got me thinking…why do I put so much stress on myself? It has been made clear to everyone around me that I have good intentions with my work. I need to realize my self-worth, as should everyone.

Self-worth is the most important concept to understand at a young age because it sets you up for the future. If you go day by day thinking that you aren’t good enough or that you need to do as much as possible to feel good about yourself, you will live life stressing yourself to the point of break. Sadly, I and many others have been in this state. This is why I have been adding more on my plate without finding a proper balance. Luckily, I have a deep love for everything I participate in, but this doesn’t apply for everyone. Self-worth is about appreciating the impact you are having on yourself and those who surround you. At first, I was paranoid that no one was benefiting from my work. Then, I was elected State President of Pennsylvania Future Business Leaders of America, a position I have learned to hold with great pride. Members constantly contact me for advice, with questions, or even to thank me for giving it my all within FBLA. Like I said before, self-worth is the most important concept to understand. Although it took me a while, I am now at the point where I appreciate the work I am doing around the community. I know I don’t have to do a lot to get results, but rather to work hard in the things I choose.

If you can learn one thing, it is to love yourself. Because if you can’t, it will make it hard to be passionate about the things you are interested in.