OPINION: Baby It’s Cold-Hearted Outside

Apparently, the lyrics “so what’s in this drink” now translate to “help he is taking advantage of me.” The 1946 song Baby It’s Cold Outside was banned this holiday season on multiple music platforms for suggesting that the male singer is taking advantage of the female. To make things even better, it has been 72 years since the lyrics were released. This poor girl has been taken advantage of for 72 years and no one has saved her from being played on the radio. What a disgrace! Hopefully my sarcasm emphasizes how I truly feel about this situation…annoyed and angered. 

First, let’s look at these lyrics from other songs.

“Tried to domesticate you…but you’re an animal…baby it’s in your nature…just let me liberate you” – Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

“I hear you saying what ya won’t do, but you know we probably goin’ do” – Blame it on the Alcohol by Jamie Fox

“When you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no…what do you mean” – What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber

“One, two, three think I got you pinned…don’t tap out, fight until the end” – Birthday Sex by Jeremih

Above are just a few examples of songs that talk about rape or being aggressive. If people have issues with a harmless Christmas Song, why are these acceptable to be played? Either leave it alone or ban them all. You can’t pick and choose if this issue means so much to people.

The problem we have entered with this Baby It’s Cold Outside situation is the fact that people get so easily offended. Once someone gets offended, they can basically get whatever they want, regardless of the right people have to produce and perform what they want, because we have entered the stage where everyone has to be happy. If something offends someone, it becomes a top priority to resolve the situation. 

I am not denying that the song doesn’t suggest inappropriate actions by the male character, but this shouldn’t matter. It is a song only played 2 months out of the year that allows families to celebrate the holiday season with joy. That being said, stay out of my holiday joy.

Something that now concerns me is the movie Elf. There is a scene where the two main characters duet Baby It’s Cold Outside. I guess this movie will soon be banned because someone was offended.

Overall, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I just feel that we need to mature and not take everything so seriously. It is a song about the winter season. Don’t find the worst out of every situation.