Will Farmer’s Almanac winter predictions hold up?


Clare Dentner

FILE PHOTO: December Mornings – A NPSD bus enters NPHS on a snow covered December 11, 2017.

As the sun sets earlier and earlier, and cars take longer and longer to warm up in the morning, winter weather is in full effect in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. After South-Eastern Pennsylvania experienced its first measureable snowfall on December 9th, bringing in over 3 inches throughout the area, many residents are curious about how the rest of the season will turn out. What should residents in South-Eastern PA expect these next few months as winter comes around?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been predicting future forecasts since 1792. And although there is uncertainty to the predictions, it is an anticipated source for weather enthusiasts. The Almanac has suffered inaccuracies in the past, the “secret formula” they have used for over 200 years is not flawless. But it is still looked to as a witch-doctor-like type of predictor for the upcoming season. So what did The Old Farmer’s Almanac predict for this year in south-eastern Pennsylvania?

In late summer The Almanac released their report of predictions for this winter. The report, if it holds true, predicts slightly above normal temperatures for the area. This trend of above normal temperatures remains in line with the trends for the past few years.

Snow lovers will not be disappointed by the predicted snowfall. Overall, The Almanac predicts above average precipitation, and slightly above normal levels of snowfall. The snow is hypothesized to fall heaviest in late December and mid-to-late January. February is expected to have below average temperatures, and below average precipitation.

Last season The Old Farmer’s Almanac successfully predicted lower precipitation levels for the season. With these recent accuracies of The Almanac, the predictions for this winter may not be something to brush aside.

Whether or not The Almanac holds any validity it has been on the forefront of predicting weather trends for centuries. If The Old Farmers Almanac holds true for this season, we could be seeing more snow days than normal.